Clown Al Reports!

Bikes, Beef and Boston Rob

Yes, Race fans, I think I been duped. I believe in one of my earlier reviews I said I would like to see how Rob does not being able to use the same strategy of scheming on the Race as you could on Survivor. Well, he definitely showed me wrong!!!

This leg of the race I felt was a lot slower paced than last weekís...which is good because I am sure the racers need a bit of a breather, because no matter how easy it looks to you and me, we all know they are getting tired of the sleepless nights and mind-playing equalizers and foodless days. So I am sure we will definitely have to see some team strategy-playing and arguing and stuff like that soon, because as time goes on, racers get grumpy . . . hehehe.
Of the bikes or whitewater rafting, I definitely would have taken whitewater rafting.
Okay, I thought this leg of the race was fun. Of the bikes or whitewater rafting, I definitely would have taken whitewater rafting. Brian and Greg, damn those boys are riddled with bad luck, but they pulled it off... never say never.... Lynn and Alex, they surprised me this episode...once they saw Rob and Amber ahead of them they were determined to get ahead and be first...and they did it! Congrats and nice going. Now if they can think that way till the end they will be in good shape! Overall, I think Robís scheming and plotting and finagling took the cake. I couldn't believe when I heard him say heís gonna take the penalty. (I never knew there was a 4 hour penalty if you canít do a task???? Has anyone heard about that one?? HMMM) And then talking the other teams into going right along with him. Brilliant... ya gotta give him credit. It was a good episode, a little low key, and the beef eating was to die for....

Lynn & Alex: Way to go!! I really thought these guys kicked into gear the minute they saw Rob and Amber. It was like NOTHING was going to hold them back. They ran a great leg and although not as many lines I laughed at, there were still some, how about the one while Alex was eating and asking "what is this?" Their demo to Phil on how to paddle the raft was also precious!!! Way to go, guys, you definitely deserve this one. I think if they ride on their momentum they will be around longer.

Uchenna & Joyce: I just don't know, these guys are not making such an impression on me, although that may be a good thing because they did pretty good in leg 3. Uchenna was a champ at eating the 4 pounds of meat... but their directions-getting and following skills needs lots of help!!! I really thought they were going to be first, but I guess they just made a wrong turn somewhere. Again, they MUST stay in the top of the pack, I think they are good at keeping up BUT if they get lost in the dust they are going to be in big trouble unless another teams messes up as well.

Brian & Greg: I still say that we have not seen the best of these guys yet. Every time they are faced with adversity or something going wrong, they just pull it out. I like Ďem, I tell ya! When they got that flat on the bikes, ugggh I could have yelled with Ďem, but they picked up the bike and walked it even watching other people pass them by. Now thatís a true racer! Also, eating the meat they showed us all how itís done, I still think these guys have a lot more than we see and they will be around for awhile.

Ron & Kelly: Hmmm, not sure here, when he made the remark about he is not sure about marrying Kelly because she is always telling him to hurry up or something like that?? I was thinking. What the ....You are on a race, aren't you supposed to hurry up? They seem like very nice people but I have a feeling their time is coming up soon. Maybe I am completely wrong but they just donít seem like go-getters, and very competitive in the race. Sometimes I feel like they are going in slow motion. But never knows when racing, sometimes taking a minute to collect whatís going on is to a teamís advantage. Thatís whatís so great about the race.

Rob & Amber: You know what, these guys deserve to still be in the race. He floored me when he quit the road block. I figured after being on Survivor, he can eat anything. Then I thought how the hell is he going to get out of this one. Very clever, though, he waited (it seemed) to make sure there was time between him and the next team and then he went over and started doing what he did best, telling everyone to opt for the penalty, this way he KNEW he wouldn't be last. Smart, real smart. I thought about whether eating the meat was really that awful or was it the head games that Rob so wonderfully executed made it all the more difficult??? Okay, I thought him taking Debbie and Biancaís taxi was low down and not really needed, but I think he gets a kick out of that type of stuff. Also, in the beginning I kinda got the feel that he was kinda bossy and pulling Amber all over the place. Kind of forceful. Well, I think they will be in for a while as well, so we will have to see what he has up his sleeve next leg.

Ray & Deana: They fell into the ďdonít eat the meatĒ scheme. I feel like these two are on their way to destruction, they seem to be getting irritated with each other, some yelling going on. I feel like Ray is taking out his frustration on Deana a bit. Other than that, they really haven't made an impression on me... I think they better stay keen on whatís happening on the race or else they will be in trouble as well.
As a good friend of mine would say, "Bless their hearts!"
Meredith & Gretchen: As a good friend of mine would say, "Bless their hearts!" Another no meat eater, huh? I like these guys a lot and thereís nothing more I would like to see than an older team make it all the way, but I really think they are getting more and more drawn back and tired each leg. They seem like wonderful people and they are doing a wonderful job. I just hope they can keep up and keep their energy and momentum going. Good luck, guys!

Susan & Patrick: OMG... what is it with getting out of town?? Oh, I felt for ya but it didn't seem like you were doing anything to find the right road any quicker. Oh, you were right there, too! Warning, Warning!: you guys MUST, I repeat MUST, stay out in front or else itís curtains for ya! Patrick , Patrick, Patrick. Letís have a little chat.What the heck were you thinking when you had to eat and you were arguing with your mom! Yes, you made it last and you are still in the race but thatís just the type of thing that will kill you if you didnít have the good fortune of the two girls not being able to eat faster. Yes. I am amazed how you devoured it when the heat got turned up, but c'mon! Next time, less arguing and more doing what ya gotta do. Now go get Ďem. Letís see ya in first place next week!

Debbie & Bianca: In the beginning of the leg, I thought this leg was all yours. You went back to the hotel and got directions and a map and were pre-planning everything and I thought ďway to go,Ē but then what happened??? Next thing I know you guys are almost 2 hours behind...HUH? Anyway, I thought that was the costliest mistake yet. There was just no way to catch up unless another team really made a big mistake, and Susan and Patrick did, but not big enough. I was thoroughly impressed with the eating of the meat though. You showed Rob, now, didn't ya? Okay, ladies, see ya at the end of the race.

Well, I am looking forward to this weekís race and anxious to see the twists and turns that ensue...until then, see ya down the road.