TARtunes: Episode 2 - Oops ... We Came In Last Place

Filked from "Oops ... I Did It Again" performed by Britney Spears
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(Damn damn damn damn damn damn
Damn damn damn damn damn damn)

I think we're in last again
We're watching the rest of the racers' rear ends
Let's book it
We are in a big rush
But first let's make sure we put on our blush
And we'll rely on kind strangers
Like two California Blanche DuBois ...
Oh damn it damn it!

Oops ... we came in last place
We trailed from the start, were not in the game
Oh damn it damn it!
Oops ... now we'll get a treat
Some real food and hours of sleep
Oh Phil, keep us in!

You see our problem was that
We went the wrong way
And nearly ended our race with a crash
We dug, ignoring the times
Then felt like two fools in the last of the lines
We survived past the first leg
Now it's off to Sequesterville
Oh damn it! Oh!

Oops ... we came in last place
We both just felt chills at the Pit Stop with Phil's
"I'm sorry ladies"
Oops ... no more race for sure
We'll put out to racer pasture
'Til that last Pit Stop cheer

(Damn damn damn damn damn damn
Damn damn damn damn damn damn)

HEIDI: Megan, before we go, there's something I want to ask you.
MEGAN: Oh, that's fine. But wait a minute, is it about using those pink bandanas in our team picture again?
HEIDI: Yeah, yes it is.
MEGAN: But I thought the casting lady said big-haired-80s-dancer style looked best in the end.
HEIDI: Well, Megan, I went down and got our picture for you.
MEGAN: Let's see.... Oh ... we shouldn't have!

Oops, we ... came in last place, that's the end
We're out of this race amazing
Now we'll ... sing karaoke and kill some time
With two ol' southern boys

Oops ... we came in last place
We chose shop not schlep, that was a misstep
That cost us dearly
Oops ... there goes our big dream
But we learned lots for future teams
Like learn your Yiddish!

Oops ... we came in last place
We raced just two legs but couldn't keep up
With all the others
Oops ... we were a big bore
We'll just be remembered for
Just one big ass tattoo