Alex’s Picks

Episode 12 Picks

Last weeks episode was the most dynamic to date. Whenever the race is in Asia, it's a guarantee to be entertaining. Thank God this week wasn't an elimination, because we would have lost the most fascinating team this season....Adam and Rebecca. What a great idea to make this a non-elimination round...this should make for a great finale!

1st. Adam/Rebecca: Last to first...I know it!! I am loving these guys more and more as time goes on. better hang on to this one.

2nd. Hayden/Aaron: Probably the most critical point in the race to start in first. These guys will race to the end.

3rd. Freddy/Kendra: Freddy's knowledge of the game is going to give these two a legitimate shot at the million.

Eliminated: Kris/Jon: You two deserve the $$ but I think this train might end for you two in the first hour of next week’s show.


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