Racer Reports

To Be…What?

Aaron & Hayden

Hayden & Aaron ran another consistent leg. Say what you will about Hayden's fondness for displaying her boobs or her high-strung nature, she's a good Racer.

They left the Pit Stop in third place, and managed to just beat Jonathan to the sign-up board for the Roadblock. A minor victory, but I'm sure I was not alone in cheering for her. They left the Roadblock second and were able to get on the first flight to Budapest, where they had trouble initially with their Trabbant due to a dead battery, which was compounded by a wrong turn later and, according to the Insider videos, running out of gas. They lost quite a bit of time as a result and reached Eger fourth, but completed the cannon Detour quickly and reached the Net Club Café in fourth place. What will happen next?
This was a steady but uneventful leg for Hayden & Aaron.
This was a steady but uneventful leg for Hayden & Aaron. They seem to be hitting their stride as Racers, making good choices and functioning well as a team. Hayden does freak out easily, which we saw clearly on the Insider footage; I don't know how Aaron is able to ignore her nagging at such times, but he does it quite well. And to Hayden's credit, she calms down and gets over it quickly, too, and has the good grace to apologize when she's wrong. If they can continue doing what they're doing, they're definitely contenders to win the whole thing.
–– by Mama Tiger for Whiterabbit

Adam & Rebecca

Twelve hours after yet another bottom of the pack finish, Adam and Rebecca depart at 3:33 a.m. to receive their next clue at Checkpoint Charlie. Rebecca tells us that her respect for Adam has dropped during the Race, and that she considers him “stubborn and spoiled.” The spoiled she should have known about before the Race. The romance, it is dead between them. I’m surprised there was ever any. I do understand how Rebecca has learned so much about her partner because of the Race. Before, I’m sure their lives seemed pretty similar and the differences seemed minor. Now that they are completely out of their element, every difference must seem magnified, and they are nothing without their spinning classes.

After getting the clue and heading to the Olympic stadium, Rebecca chooses to do another roadblock along with the rest of the women. Damn. It would have been hysterical to see Adam do the Hot Rocket Bungee. There is some funny banter between Bolo and Adam while they’re waiting for the girls to finish the bungee. And now I can see another of their racing flaws — they’re fraternizing with the bottom of the heap. No wonder these two teams keep landing in the bottom three.
Rebecca bounces up and down beside the road, waving her arms and another motorist stops to help the stranded American with the nice rack.
After her brief stint as an astronaut (she seems to have had fun doing it) they receive a clue sending them to Budapest, Hungary. Off to the airport! They are too late to get on the earliest flight to Budapest, but make the second flight. When they get to the airport, it takes them forever to get their Trabant started (perhaps because Adam is going to drive) and Lori and Bolo, who were on a different flight, arrive before Adam gets the car out of the parking lot. On the way to Eger, they have a lot of trouble with the little car. Rebecca takes back seat driving to a new level and even tries to change gears for Adam, but the car soon dies at the side of the road. Rebecca bounces up and down beside the road, waving her arms and another motorist stops to help the stranded American with the nice rack. The car is fixed, and this time Rebecca drives the rest of the way to Eger.

Given the detour options at the castle, it seemed like picking the cannonball option would be a no-brainer for these two. Proving to me once and for all (I gave them lots of chances) that they have no brains they try the catapult first. I don’t know, maybe they were trying to make up time. Even when they do switch detours, they seem to take a less than efficient approach at dragging the cannon up the hill. At least they get in a dirty joke about the balls. They finally finish and get to the train station in time to find that they have just missed a train to Budapest carrying some other teams, but there will be another one in half an hour. They’re reunited with the remaining teams, except for Lori and Bolo, in front of the Internet café in Budapest.

This team is just making too many mistakes. Honestly, if Rebecca and Adam win (which is EXTREMELY doubtful, I know) it will be a reverse Flo/Zach situation. She’ll drag him kicking and screaming over the finish line. It’s far more likely that they’ll be eliminated within the next two episodes, though.

Next week: we’ll finally find out who gets eliminated.
–– by Devajd

Freddy & Kendra

Kendra was the star of last week’s previews, in which she rolled around on the ground with blue lips, looking like she’d sustained a concussion or busted ear drum or something. What really happened? Well, Freddy and Kendra were the first to leave the pit stop, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Kendra was already showing signs of fatigue, and Freddy was obviously annoyed. Then again, the more driven partner usually is easily annoyed. At the Olympic Stadium, they sign up for the next morning’s task, bicker some more, and sleep outside with their good buddies Hayden and Aaron. So then Kendra does the reverse bungee Roadblock and gives the little “I’m sick” bit from the previews, in which she really does look rather damaged, then bounces up and continues on with the Race.
No, Kendra, you get to go to the wonderful world of To Be Continued, which is unknown territory for all of us.
They take off for Budapest in Trabants, which are some sadist’s notion of toy cars. Lots of teams bickered during this little adventure, and Freddy and Kendra weren’t half bad. They arrived at the Detour in Eger first, chose the cannonball task, bickered a bit more, and finished first. Kendra lets all of us in on production's little joke when, on the train ride to Budapest, she gloats about being in first and then comments on how they'll probably go to the pit stop next. No, Kendra, you get to go to the wonderful world of To Be Continued, which is unknown territory for all of us. This time, Freddy gets to be the star of the previews with his rant about breaking someone in half. Can fans nominate a racer for that honor? I believe the choice would be close to unanimous, and it might make Victoria happier in the long run, too.
–– by Daria for Jason (Ronin47)

Gus & Hera

They depart in fifth place at 3:13 a.m. and head to Checkpoint Charlie. Gus gives his daughter a little history lesson as he explains that many spies used this gate to enter East Germany. He should know. Gus also doesn’t believe in rushing for rushing’s sake. But I wish he would believe in rushing for not-getting-eliminated’s sake.

Hera has fun on the Hot Rocket Bungee, which I would never do even if you gave me a million right on the spot.

When they get to the airport to fly to Budapest, they remember exactly where the travel agents are and manage to grab the last tickets on the best flight right ahead of Victoria and her teammate. It was a beautiful moment.
He seems to understand that these cars will not be pushed, so “sit back and enjoy the scenery.”
Gus is awesome on the Trabant. He seems to understand that these cars will not be pushed, so “sit back and enjoy the scenery.” Also we find out he is an aviator AND an engineer. When they get to Eger, their first choice of detour is the catapult, which they quickly change when they see that it’s just not that easy.

Gus’s best moment comes when Victoria’s partner begins the non-stop haranguing as to how Gus and Hera came by their plane tickets. Gus is giving him nothing. WasteofDNA: “How’d you get on that plane this morning?” Gus: “Go to the airport”. WasteofDNA: “You got our seats!” Gus:”How’d I take your tickets?” It was such an absurd conversation, but Gus stayed perfectly cool. Gus says that he hopes WasteofDNA will be eliminated because he’s becoming a real pain in the ass.

They make it to the Internet Café with 2-1/2 hours to spare and… TO BE CONTINUED. Argh.
–– by Emjaytee

Victoria and That Thing She Calls Her Husband

At least he didn’t shove her this episode. Sadly, that’s about the only good thing I can say about the team this past leg. Even sadder, that’s about the only good thing I’ve said about this team in all of the six (and a half?) legs run thus far. Will that change in this report? Bwah-ha-ha! Hee-hee! Oh…of course not.
This leg I noticed Jona-thing’s uncanny ability to blame his misfortune on everyone but himself.
This leg I noticed Jona-thing’s uncanny ability to blame his misfortune on everyone but himself. This has been happening all along, but since this leg provided numerous examples, this behavior really stood out. It was Victoria’s fault that they didn’t get to the sign up board in time. It was the airline agent’s fault that they didn’t get tickets on the first flight to Budapest. It was the taxi driver’s fault that they got thrown out of his cab. And he didn’t say so, but I’m pretty sure it was the car’s fault that he “accidentally” closed the trunk on her hands. There I go using “accidentally” again. It’s becoming a habit.

But they are still racing well. I don’t know how they’re doing it, but doing it they are. With a little good car luck (why couldn’t their Trabant have broken down?) they managed to get to the detour ahead of a lost Hayden and Aaron, and completed the cannonball run without incident. Oh how nice it would have been to see them attempt the catapult option, only to have one of those melons come crashing back down on Jona-thing’s head. But since that didn’t happen, they were able to get to the train station and board the same train that Gus and Hera were waiting for. He, of course, wasted no time in continuing to accuse Gus of pilfering their plane tickets. Gus then pushed Jona-thing onto the tracks and laughed as the train approached. That didn’t happen? Oh. Guess I imagined it.

At least Victoria looked like she had a pretty good time doing the rocket-bungee roadblock. No doubt she was hoping the cord would release and send her soaring blissfully into the depths of space, as far away from Jona-thing as humanly possible. Of course, the rest of us were wishing this fate on the thing himself.
–– by Giuseppe

Kris & Jon

In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed the first few episodes, CBS reminded us via episode 6 and the clip show that Kris and Jon rock. Leg 6 began in Berlin, where once again this couple chose the cost-efficient option of walking to Checkpoint Charlie. Kris reminded us in a voiceover that she and Jon are, in fact, dating long distance, and that they’ve been pleasantly surprised during the Race at how much alike they are. They were the fourth team to depart from the Pit Stop, only a few minutes behind the leading teams. At the Olympic Stadium, the other teams told Kris and Jon about Jonathan’s latest behaviour, and Kris uttered the title “they should probably have some counselling!” Kris was excited about doing the reverse-bungee Roadblock, told us that she wasn’t nervous at all, and did let out an excited cheer during the bungee. After checking with the Lufthansa ticket staff (using the logical assumption that the largest German airline may have the most flights), this team ended up on the second-place Air Berlin flight along with the dysfunctional couples.
In Budapest, we saw Kris and Jon were able to stay positive and pleasant despite various challenges.
In Budapest, we saw Kris and Jon were able to stay positive and pleasant despite various challenges. Kris described the Trabants as Herbies, while Jon thought the drive was “gonna be entertaining!” In the clip show, we saw that the lid of their gas can popped off, splashing gas on Jon’s pants. Undaunted, he quickly changed into board shorts, and gave us an answer to the boxers vs. briefs question (boxers). He had better luck with the on-the-column shifter than most other teams, and they took off for Eger (and, of course, admired the gorgeous cool towns along the way). The good luck didn’t last, however, as Jon discovered mid-drive that the transmission wouldn’t shift. He tried to keep going Flinstones-style (accompanied by Kris singing the theme song), but the car soon stopped completely. Jon tried to push-start it (and hopped onto the trunk as the car started rolling downhill), but Kris noted that there was “nothing, dude” and that they needed a new car. They managed to remain calm and upbeat despite this setback (in contrast to most other Racers, past or present), and Kris was even able to laugh that the question mark logo on the replacement Trabant was perfect.

Kris and Jon finally arrived at the Eger Castle in fifth place, only a few moments behind Hayden and Aaron (who were on the first flight but got really lost) and ahead of Adam and Rebecca (who had also been on the second flight). Jon noted how much the cars had sucked, so he is human after all. As usual, they quickly decided on a Detour, and worked well together while pushing the cannon uphill and carrying the cannonballs in their backpacks. While packing the cannonballs uphill, Kris thanked Jon for being “so strong, baby,” but the weight of her pack and the effort she exerted in pushing the cannon showed that she’s not a weakling either (and I’m always happy to see strong and competent women on the Race). After another walk (have you noticed a theme yet?), they met up with Hayden and Aaron at the train station, and were on the third train to Budapest (yup, you guessed it, they were happy) where they discovered the lead teams waiting outside the internet café.

The clip show contained a few new scenes with Kris and Jon. We learned that Kris helped Meredith and Maria start and move their SUV in the Oslo airport’s parking lot, and the Queens girls appreciated the help. We then saw a few great ‘compare and contrast’ segments courtesy of the Amazing Editors. First we saw Kris and Jon working together to speed through the Ikea building task followed by shots Jonathan’s freak-outs. Then in Senegal, we again saw Kris in the cab describing the experience as “enlightening” followed by a pre-Race interview in which she notes that many Americans are ethno-centric and that she’s hoping not to see Ugly American behaviour on the Race. The editors take the opportunity to cut between her comments and scenes of Kendra and Jonathan doing exactly what Kris described. Still in Senegal, we see Kris and Jon going for a swim and playing with the local kids as she notes that many of her studies have related to Africa, and that the continent holds a special place her heart. Jon also explained that he’s learning so much about Kris on the Race, and that she’s amazing. These two may be almost too good to be true, but I’d choose their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the Racing experience over bickering any day, and hope we’ll see them continue racing to victory.
–– by Kanuck

Lori & Bolo - Stuck in Dead Last!

Poor Lori & Bolo! They started this leg last, and had this been a normal leg would have been Philiminated at the end of the show. But thanks to the "To Be Continued," they're not out yet.
And then in a really cute move, as she was dangling upside down she picked her head up and looked at the camera and said, "That was awesome!"
Their most entertaining moments were at the Roadblock, where Lori, making really funny faces, first looked down as she was being strapped in her harness and said, "I'm glad I didn't get a bigger boob job than what I did!" And then in a really cute move, as she was dangling upside down she picked her head up and looked at the camera and said, "That was awesome!" But that was, unfortunately, the last time they had fun this leg.

They were much, much later than the other teams arriving at the Detour location in Eger — they had a breakdown, and it looks like they had to wait for the substitute "?" car that Kris & Jon had used to be brought back to them. They powered through the Detour, of course, in record time, but were so late at that point that when they arrived at the Eger train station, there were no more trains until morning. So we were left with a sad shot of Lori curled up against Bolo, sleeping on a bench in the rain.

In spite of their poor performance thus far, I just have a feeling that Lori & Bolo will survive to run another leg or two. Their Philimination appears so obvious that I am convinced the sneaky but brilliant Amazing Editors are messing with us. So we shall just have to see! But if they do survive, can we please have more tasks that involve Bolo shirtless? Because....yowzah!
–– by Mama Tiger


As Phil arrives in Hungary, he decides its time for (drum roll please) the return of the white pants. The first part of this leg, Phil has a roadblock (hot rocket bungee) and a detour (catapult crash vs cannonball run) to tell us about. But, after telling us about the Internet club clue, that’s it for Phil for this leg. Which team will Phil eliminate and which team will win a trip to be taken after the race is over? Stay tuned.
–– by M. Darcy