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Culture Report – Hungary

TV movies and series that have been filmed in Hungary include All My Children, Cadfael, Maigret, A Christmas Carol (2004), Crime and Punishment (1998), The Lion in Winter (2003), and Au Pair. Movies that have been filmed in Hungary include Being Julia, Hudson Hawk, I Spy, Jakob the Liar, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, The Luzhin Defence, M. Butterfly, Music Box, Spy Game, Van Helsing, and Sunshine. Sunshine follows the story of a Hungarian Jewish family in the 20th century

Books that have been written about Hungary include Exit Into History, A Journey Through the New Eastern Europe, Eva Hoffman; A Concise History of Hungary, Miklos Molnar and Anna Magyar; Anna Edes by Dezso Kosztolanyi and George Szirtes; Under the Frog by Tibor Fischer; The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madach; and Janos Arany’s Toldi Trilogy. The works of playwrights Gábor Csakó, Géza Bereményi, and György Spiro are featured in Three Contemporary Hungarian Plays.

A number of world-famous composers are Hungarian, including Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok.