The Amazing Race 5 -- Timeline

[as told by theschnauzers, Rabrab, ClowningAround, Enrico, TAR Neobie, MaddieG, Paris in Spring, bluedevilblue, fimo, TPorter2, StSebastian, dzo, AlejandraDD, NCDave, meknownothing, n1cole, AnneH, Pepel, copy shop clerk, Wry Bread, DoubleTee, riafler, Kuzak, Lingo, Dafna G., Nexus6, Mama Tiger, cutecouple]

Day 1 (Friday, January 30, 2004): Leg 1 begins on Santa Monica Pier. Teams drive to LAX to book flights to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Day 2 (1/31): Teams arrive in early afternoon and take the bus to "the hand in the sand," a beach sculpture. From there they walk or take a taxi to the ferry to Gorriti Island. On the island they search among trees for tickets for ferries to the mainland at one of three times the next morning, and are housed in tents for the night.

Day 3 (2/1): At the docks of Punta Del Este, teams are directed to the suburb Maldonado (they take a bus or taxi) where they must pick up a side of beef from a meat warehouse and carry it to the butcher shop La Rosada Carneceria. From there they take taxis to a route marker across from a blue and white hotel in Punta Del Este, which offers the Zips/Chips Detour. From here they take taxis to the pit stop at Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena [Dennis/Erika eliminated].

Day 4 (2/2): Leg 2 begins shortly after midnight, with teams driving to the Shake Mega disco in Montevideo, There they must find clues inside plastic globes, which direct them to drive to Colonia del Sacramento and take the ferry to Buenos Aires, where they must find the grave of Evita Peron (Recoleta Cemetery) for their next clue. The Perro/Tango Detour is next. They travel (bus or taxi) to Estancia La Inverada in the province San Antonio de Areco, where they perform the Roadblock: grab a bandanna from the neck of a calf. From there, they are driven in horse-drawn carriages to the pit stop at La Porteña [Alison/Donny eliminated].

Day 5 (2/3): Probable extended pit stop.

Day 6 (2/4): Leg 3 begins just before midnight, with teams driving to the domestic airport in Buenos Aires to book flights to San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia, 1,000 miles away. Once there, they are provided with vehicles to drive into town to the mayor's office. He gives them their next clue, directing them to the nearby Del Turista chocolate factory, location of the Roadblock: bite into one after another of 11,000 chocolates until you find one of the 20 with a white center. They must then drive to the ski village Villa Catedral, where they take a gondola to the top and encounter the Detour: paraglide down to the valley or ride mountain bikes along a 6-mile trail to the same point. They must then drive 14 miles to Bahia López and walk through shallow water to a tiny island where the pit stop is located [Jim/Marsha eliminated].

Day 7 (2/5): Leg 4 departures start around 3 a.m., with teams directed to drive to the bus station in Bariloche and travel by bus to Buenos Aires. Half the teams take the local leaving at 9:30 a.m., the others the express leaving at noon.

Day 8 (2/6): Both buses arrive around 7:30 a.m. Teams then travel by taxi to the international airport and book flights to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Day 9 (2/7): Arrivals in St. Petersburg begin in midafternoon. Teams take taxis to the Battleship Aurora, where they are informed of the Detour: either gear up and block 5 shots in a nearby hockey rink, or travel further by taxi to the Anichkov Palace and drink a vodka shot balanced on a saber. Then they must find the Bronze Horseman statue, where they obtain a clue directing them to the Old Tower Restaurant in the town of Pushkin. There they encounter the Roadblock: eat a kilo of caviar. The waiter gives them the final clue, to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh waiting outside the restaurant to the pit stop at Catherine's Palace [Bob/Joyce eliminated].

Day 10 (2/8): Extended pit stop.

Day 11 (2/9): Leg 5 begins around 9 a.m. as teams find the train to St. Petersburg, where they search The Hermitage Museum for Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son. When they correctly identify it, they are given a clue directing them to Cairo, Egypt. Plane departures begin that afternoon, via various connections and layovers.

Day 12 (2/10): Arrivals begin at 2 a.m. with teams first finding the Tower of Cairo (Fast Forward: Colin/Christie), then the Giza Plateau, where they follow a trail of yellow rocks to the Osiris Shaft for the Roadblock. A map is combined with a puzzle in the satchel they retrieve, to show the point they must find on a nearby pyramid, where they encounter the Detour: Rock and Roll / Hump and Ride. They then walk to the Sphinx for the pit stop [non-elimination: Linda/Karen arrive last].

Day 13 (2/11): Leg 6 (beginning just before midnight for Colin/Christie, morning for others) sends teams to the Great Pyramid to descend to the Creation Room, then emerge to take cabs to the Old Airport to book flights (all take the provided charter) to Luxor. There they take taxis to the Temple of Karnak, where they find information for the Herd It / Haul It Detour. On completion, taxis take them to Habu Temple for the scarab-digging Roadblock, then from the West Nile Ferry Port by water taxi to Crocodile Island [Marshall/Lance eliminated when they quit at Roadblock].

Day 14 (2/12): Extended pit stop.

Day 15 (2/13): Leg 7 begins with early-morning departures via marked taxis for the Luxor Airport, whence they fly to Cairo and then to Nairobi, Kenya (connecting through Bahrain and variously through Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

Day 16 (2/14): On arrival they sign up on one of three charter flights to "an unknown destination" -- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. They must take buses to Mto wa Mbu, where they face the Buzzing / Busy Detour. On completion they are directed to walk to nearby Kibaoni and find the Kavishe Hotel. There they find the ostrich-egg-eating Roadblock, after which they cross the valley by flying fox to the Lake Manyara Lookout pit stop [Charla/Mirna eliminated].

Day 17 (2/15): Leg 8 begins around 3 a.m. Teams take taxis to Kilimanjaro International Airport, where they sign up for one of three charter flights to Nairobi, Kenya. From there they book flights to Dubai, UAE, and take taxis to the Burj al Arab hotel. There they are directed to the helipad atop the hotel, not open till 8 a.m.

Day 18 (2/16): On the helipad, they are directed to the Bur Dubai Abra Station, to take abras to the Port of Dubai where a particular dhow captain gives them their next clue, the Off Plane / Off Road Detour, both of which require another taxi trip (and the former drops teams off at the endpoint of the latter). From there they get a camel with handler and a GPS to take them to a Bedouin camp in the desert, the pit stop [non-elimination; Kami/Karli arrive last].

Day 19 (2/17): Leg 9 begins before and around midnight,. Teams must drive themselves to Wild Wadi in Dubai, where at 8 a.m. they climb to the top of the Jumeirah Sceirah and ride it to the next clue box. From there they must drive to the airport and fly to Kolkata, India (which all teams do by way of Mumbai).

Day 20 (2/18): Arriving in Kolkata around 9:30 a.m., teams take taxis to the clue box at the Sahid Menir, which directs them to the Globe Brick Factory in the town of Garia. Roadblock: Make 20 approved bricks. Then they take trains to the Sealdah Station for the Heavy but Short / Light but Long Detour. All choose the former, which involves a bus to Landsdowne; from there they get taxis to the Pit Stop at Victoria Memorial Hall [non-elimination; Brandon/Nicole arrive last].

Day 21 (2/19): Extended Pit Stop.

Day 22 (2/20): Leg 10 begins predawn, with teams having to find an all-night travel agency to buy tickets to Auckland, New Zealand. All fly via Bangkok before making other connections.

Day 23 (2/21): Teams arrive in Auckland mid-day, and must drive themselves to the Rotorua Museum. There they are directed to the Clean / Dirty Detour (river sledging at Okere Falls or mud searching at Hell's Gate), after which they drive to Matapara Farms. There they encounter the Zorbing Roadblock, from which they run up a hill to the pit stop [Kami/Karli eliminated].

Day 24 (2/22): Leg 11 begins with early-morning departures driving to Westhaven Marina in Auckland, where on the yacht Hydroflow they find the clue for the Roadblock in the bay (ladder climbing and girder walking). Then they must find a flight to Manila, Philippines.

Day 25 (2/23): All teams arrive on a 10:05 a.m. flight, and find drivers to take them to Malagueña Motors in Cavite, where Chip/Kim use the Yield on Colin/Christie. Each team must choose a jeepney and properly attach the provided decorations to it, after which the jeepney driver will take them to the Giant Duck in Victoria. There they perform the Plow / Fowl Detour, after which they travel by bus and taxi to the pit stop at the Coconut Palace in Pasay City, Manila [non-elimination; Colin/Christie arrive last].

Day 26 (2/24): Leg 12 begins around 4 a.m., with teams finding the José Rizal Monument, which directs them to Soriano Aviation to sign up for one of two charter flights (45 minutes apart) to El Nido, Palawan. There they find a piloted boat to take them to a buoy in the bay. This provides instructions to search three nearby islands for the one flying the Philippine flag, which will provide their next clue -- to continue around that island to a beach with snorkel gear laid out. They must put this on and search the sea bottom for one of four giant clamshells that contain their next clue. This directs them to a Roadblock at the nearby Lagan Wall, where the selected team member must ascend the 150 feet, be given the clue, and rappel down. Then they can take a two-person kayak around the cliff, to the Pit Stop at Lagan Island Resort [Linda/Karen eliminated].

Day 27 (2/25): Extended Pit Stop.

Day 28 (2/26): Leg 13 begins between 3 and 4 a.m., with teams returning by boat to the dock and taking charter flights back to Manila, from which they must get flights to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All teams have a layover in Vancouver.

Day 29 (2/26 again): Upon arrival in Calgary, they take taxis to Lookout Mountain in Banff, where they take a gondola up, and finally hike 1000 feet to the Continental Divide, where they are given their next clue. They must return to Calgary and find the base of the cauldron at Canadian Olympic Park. There they perform the Slide / Ride Detour (all do the former), and must find flights to Dallas, Texas.

Day 30 (2/27): Teams arrive at DFW around 1 p.m., and get taxis to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where they negotiate a maze to collect photographs of the race and finally a key that gives access to the final clue. They must be driven to Trammel Crow Park in Dallas, for the Finish Line [Brandon/Nicole are 3rd; Colin/Christie are 2nd; Chip/Kim win].