Alex’s Picks

Episode 6 Picks

This seasonís cast is doing a fantastic job of keeping people glued to the TV. Everyone is very engaging to watch. However, on the production side this was an okay episode, in my opinion. I like the detour but thought the roadblock sucked. It didn't seem that crazy nor did it seem hard. Plus, if 35 seconds is supposed to be a competitive time, how could everyone beat it first try having no experience? Last thing...My guess is that there was a problem with the production route or we wouldn't be back in Europe.

1st. Jon/Victoria: Jon has proved that he will do ANYTHING to come in first. Jon...there is no doubt that you are a good racer but remember, you only have to be first once to take home the million dollars. I bet if you asked, many Racers would say racing in second or third is far better than leading the pack.
After watching all the bickering amongst teammates, you two are like a breath of fresh air this season.
2nd. Kris/Jon: A refreshing couple to watch. After watching all the bickering amongst teammates, you two are like a breath of fresh air this season.

3rd. Freddy/Kendra: Some of the comments that Kendra made in Africa seemed very degrading and prejudiced, but I got your back...I think it was all in the editing. Great last leg!!

4th. Lori/Bolo: I was way off with my prediction of you two last leg. However, I could see your thinking with taking the train...not that bad of an idea. You two are still a fan favorite!!

5th. Hayden/Aaron: Didn't see you guys much last episode, which probably means you were more interested in racing than making good TV. I still think these two will be in the final three.

6th. Gus/Hera: Seeing Gus's reaction at the Slave House was touching. I think it made everyone sit back and think about where they were. However, I don't see the all-out intensity teams need to be successful in this race. They must find it or they won't last long.

Eliminated. Adam/Rebecca: I hope I am wrong here because you are a great team to watch. Rebecca really seems to be learning how to race well. But in the end, I think the tensions between them will be their demise. I would love to see you guys last longer.