Alex’s Picks

Episode 2

Alex Boylan
Alex Boylan
1st. Lena/Kristy: These two seem to be taking the race in stride... which is not easy to do!!

2nd. Hayden/Aaron: Cool - Calm - Collected!! Which is easy to do while you're leading the pack. I'll be curious to see these two when trailing behind...either way these two will be around for a while. Great first leg!!

3rd. Gus/Hera: Gus, you were the first pilot to fly an open-cockpit plane to the North Pole but you want your daughter to slow down while driving?? Come on, Gus, let's see some 007 covert maneuvers along the way. Still one of my favorite teams racing!

4th. Lori/Bolo: Great casting job with these two. They bring a lot of flare to this season's race. One question: Do you two really wrestle each other when you're happy or was that just for the cameras?

5th. Kris/Jon: Didn't get much airtime...probably because Jon didn't treat Kris like an ass!

6th. Freddy/Kendra: These two will stay in the middle of the pack for a while. Could be a sleeper team!!

7th. Jonathan/Victoria: Jonathan...I think its time for you to spend a day/week/month/year at one of those spas that you own. Now let's be serious...are you doing this for the cameras or is this really you? Either way, your intensity will keep your team around
for a few more legs.

8th. Meridith/Maria: This race is all about “not giving up” and you two are the first this season to demonstrate it. Well done!!

9th. Don/Mary Jean: I give the quote of the day to Don: "This whole town is Blitzed!!" It looks like the race is taking its toll on these two. However, my guess is that the race will stay in Europe for a leg or two, where it's easier to get around compared with some other parts of the world. With that said...Don and Mary Jean escape another near elimination.

Eliminated : Adam/Rebecca: The second team knocked off this season's Amazing Race!!