Alex’s Picks

Episode 1 - The Game's Afoot

Alex Boylan
Alex Boylan
With all these couples racing, there should be plenty of drama this season!! It's tough to make predictions without seeing at least one episode first. But if a picture is worth a thousand words ... well, this is what I see.

1st: Gus/Hera: A former CIA Agent ... Now this team should do some damage!!

2nd: Hayden/Aaron: As long as Aaron loses the "Laid Back" attitude, I think they could be a force.

3rd: Don/Mary: Their background shows that this race is right up their alley ... look for these guys to be strong on the first leg or two. If they can hold up physically, they might have a shot at going deep into the race.

4th: Freddy/Kendra: It looks like they have a good team balance ... they'll compete well in this race.

5th: Kris/Jon: It’s going to be hard to compete in this race if you don't know each other that well.

6th: Lena/Kristy: We have yet to see an all-girl team make it to the final three. I hope this is the year!!

7th: Lori/Bolo: I don't have a clue right now of how these two will fare. But I hope Bolo kicks someone’s ass along the way!!

8th: Avi/Joe: I think they'll come out of the gates a little slow, but if they can learn the game quickly, we might see them for awhile.

9th: Adam/Rebecca: If you were thinking that you might kill each other before the race, then you will most definitely kill each other once you’re actually on the race. Adam ... like the hair!! Interesting!!!

10th: Meredith/Maria: These two might have the most fun of all racing around the world, but I think they’re going to start off a little slow.

Eliminated: Jonathan/Victoria: If you are having problems now ... just wait until you start racing. However, I am wishing you the best of luck.