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Yippeeeee . . . Yahoooo . . . and . . . Yields Away Ė Episode 11

Jon and Al
Jon and Al
Hey, everyone! Well, here we are down to the wire . . . looking forward to see anyone and everyone at TARCON5 -NYC. This week I have a guest reviewer
who is going to add his two cents. He's an enormous Race fan from none other than Australia!!! He's been in touch with me throughout the year and asked about adding a couple comments about how they feel down under about last weekís episode. Everyone, meet Louis (his comments are in italics).

Chip & Kim: Way to go!!!!!!!!!! I am very, very happy for ya. Don't worry, when all is said and done the dust will settle . . . . But man oh man, you better be watching out next week . . . LOL, LOL! Just be ahead of Colin and Christie, cause you know they are gonna Yield you. I am so glad Chip finally realizes itís a race for a MILLION dinars . . . oops I mean dollars. When he said no more being diplomatic, itís nothing personal, well, I hope he runs the rest of the race with that attitude. I know it's difficult, but ya gotta do it because you have to believe the other teams are thinking the same.
Although I think if it was me I would've let someone else do the Yielding
Although I think if it was me I would've let someone else do the Yielding . . . you guys were all there together and I think everyone would've picked Colin and Christie. Chip, you looked like a bull pushing everyone aside to get to that Yield. These two ran this leg like champions. Chip climbing that ladder with total focus and praying? Okay, okay, I can see praying and asking God here. You guys are hot and hopefully you have a nice lead and will stay in front of Colin. Just stay in front . . . cause he is pissed . . . YIKES!! Ya gotta love it though! (Chip snoring = Priceless)

Linda & Karen: You guys did an amazing, amazing job AGAIN!!! I was really worried about Linda climbing that ladder and walking the beam . . . she was awesome!! You have to be sooo psyched after doing that. It was great, I was cheering all the way for ya. Hmmmm, you two are hot and every time you are down or in last place you never ever give up!!! WAIT Ė stop one minute! Heeheehee, ladies . . . WOW, were you guys pissed or what at the beginning, getting snappy with each other and all??? What was that all about?? Heeheehee! Sheeesh, I have to admit it made me crack up and laugh . . . I think everyoneís tired and just wants the damn race over by now, HUH??? I can feel your pain. I am glad you got it out in the beginning . . . I was cracking up, I tell ya.

They know they are in this race and they are in it to win by their attitudes!!! It was funny to see them wheeling their backpacks on a luggage cart into the airport, though. What was that? You had time to grab a cart and wheel it?? Hmm, I guess there was plenty of time.
HMMMM except the fact that I thought Brandon was great at doing the ladder climb and beam walk.
Brandon & Nicole: These two just go about their merry way . . . for some reason I didnít really write anything down about these two. HMMMM except the fact that I thought Brandon was great at doing the ladder climb and beam walk. For a guy who is timid in everything else, you kicked butt!!! Good for you. Hmmm. I don't know, but these two seem like they come out of nowhere and just pop up . . . . Letís see what happens at the finish line!!! Hmmm, ya never know . . . could be very, very interesting!!

Colin & Christie: Okay, they have been kicking ass all through the race, winning trips left, right, and center. Ya gotta figure the other teams definitely want to give them a little slow down. C'mon, itís freakiní common sense. If nobody Yielded them, it would have been ridiculous. They should be thrilled that it was a non-elimination round. If looks could kill, Chip would've been 10 feet under . . . man, that Colin is a piece of work!!

Okay, he breezed through the ladder, got an early flight, but the big airport delay is what killed them. It can happen to anyone, but I can't help to think they jinxed themselves with all the mouthing off about the other teams and their "STUPID MISTAKES" or how about when Christie remarked that "EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS!!!!" Huh?? Come on, a little graciousness goes a long way!! Well, I guess a little Mr. & Mrs. you-know-who needed a little notch in their belt released!!! All I can say is it is about time. They were on fire they were hot and nobody was going to catch up to them. Can you say ďself-destructĒ? Colin in that field with the ox screaming at Christie, screaming at the ox . . . LOL. What the heck is that all about? Is the screaming going to help?? Then Christie walks in and finds the clue, just like that.
Why did Colin say Chip and Kim stabbed them in the back?
Why did Colin say Chip and Kim stabbed them in the back??? Was an agreement made that they wouldn't Yield them??? And what about in the taxi Christie screaming ďHurry!! Hurry!!! Don't worry, run them over, it's okayĒ??? And then saying that the other teams played unfair?? Why is using the Yield unfair??? Oh, and I can't wait till next week, because if everyone remembers, Christie said "we aren't going to use and don't need to use the Yield on any other teams." I believe she said that a couple of weeks back. Hmmm, letís see if they even get the chance to (I am not the only one that feels this way, either. Louis down under has some pretty strong feelings himself . . . read on!!

Episode 11: Yippeeeee . . . Yahoooo . . . and . . . Yields away!!!

Wow!!! I really liked watching this episode, it was just a blast and the Road Block to me was terrifying, Jon would have definitely been doing that one!!! It reminded me of the bat cave climb on ours and of course the ox plow reminded me of one of my favorites, "the bull pull!!!!" Hehehehehehehehe . . . off we go!
This weekís episode was definitely full of suspense and drama!!
This weekís episode was definitely full of suspense and drama!! When Colin and Christie got that early flight, I thought, damn, itís over!!! It was a stroke of luck that their flight got in late and they missed the next flight. I hate to say it, but they needed a little lesson in being humble. They definitely got it this week! It really felt like a race to the finish all the way through. The ladder climb kept me on the edge of my seat. And then the ox plow I thought was fun . . . most of the teams got it pretty quick, and notice how the teams WORKED TOGETHER (hint . . hint . . Colin and Christie) and amazingly enough it didn't appear to be too difficult or frustrating. I think Colin got a little frustrated and upset on that one (anyone agree?? LOL). I have received e-mails from fans of The Race and people who know I've been on the race to say they can't believe the B.S. Christie puts up with, although I think she showed a side we don't really know too much about. "RUN HIM OVER ITíS OKAY!"?? I am sorry, I know it gets crazy on the race and tensions are high and itís an emotional roller coaster. I totally agree, but in this leg she got down and dirty with her counterpart when she said how all the other teams suck. HMMM!??

Okay, Louis my matey down under, take it away . . . .

Okay! OMG, Christie, Christie, Christie!!! What are we gonna do about her? Letís talk about Colin's "broken ox" later, LOL. But now . . . oh man, I canít believe I felt sorry for her having to put up with Colin in the earlier episodes. I was wrong (well, who wasn't?). In this episode, Christie showed she was just as obnoxious and bigheaded as her "ugly American" boyfriend!! (Ya see, foreigners see all that as Ugly Americanism!! Ė Al) Oh, and does being on a race entitle you to run people over? Huh? OMG . . . imagine if the clue stated that they were to "drive yourselves" to the next destination . . . and Christie was behind the wheel. ARGHHH, everyone watch out, itís crazy maniac Christie on the loose!!!!! On to the plow detour. Christie, if it was sooo "obvious" you and Colin weren't doing it the way it was suppose to be done? Why isn't it obvious that you weren't doing anything at all besides making Colin self-destruct and think that his "ox was broken" LOL. . . hehehe . . . .

Then again I know the editing process could play some pretty interesting tricks on us all, but the cameras don't lie.
I thought Chip was going to have a heart attack waiting for the bus after the ox plow.
I thought Chip was going to have a heart attack waiting for the bus after the ox plow. All he cared about was not being on the same bus as Colin. Heeheehee, it was great how the editing was on that shot!!!!! Colin and Christie were real smart in taking the bus part of the way and then getting a taxi. I give them a lot of credit for pushing hard to the very end. It gets so mind boggling when you know you are last and itís crazy. You just pray and hope for a miracle!!!! If some of the other teams didnít catch on to getting off the bus and taking a taxi, I think the finish had a chance of being different. I think all the teams hustled and pushed hard through this one. They all knew their asses could be on the line, and you could see it in their action, all they wanted to do was get to that pit stop.

Next week should be equally as exciting and interesting. The wrath of Colin. Shhhesssh, I wouldn't want to be on the end of that. I also doubt that the Yield will be in play on the last leg, so if anyone is going to get Yielded it would be earlier in the show, because next week is a 2-hour special so they are going to show two legs And can Colin and Christie be Yielded again by another team?????

HMMM . . . okay, Louis . . . your take?

Thereís so much to write . . . . Anywayz, Iíll just say that Brandon and Nicole I like very much. Iím starting to really root for them, and Chip and Kim, and Linda and Karen. Forget, errr, you know who. I liked how Brandon did the dance and spiderman thing. That was funny, hehehe. Brandon and Nicole are so supportive of one another . . . that reminds of a team from last season. Guess who Iím talking about?

Thanks for the compliment and thanks for adding your two bits from down under.

MY prediction of the winner . . . . LOL. I have no idea but I will go out on a limb and hope and pray that we will be happy with the winner . . . and it might be their first time being in first place.

Until next week and TARCON5
Al Rios Tar4 "The Clowns"

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