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Back home for Phil – Episode 10

OH geez, what’s going on here? Someone, anyone? Stop the madness!
Colin &Christie: OH geez, what’s going on here? Someone, anyone? Stop the madness! Alright!!! I have to give them credit: they are focused and hustling all the way through and not making any mistakes. Colin is not letting anything, anyone, or Christie get in his way. WOW, I am impressed how they haven't self-destructed. Hmmm, maybe I'm wrong? Heaven forbid . . . please don't tell me they are going to win. I am glad Christie finally told Colin to freakin' trust her with the directions and spoke up about his ruling over her . . . it only took 10 legs huh?? It does seem to me that Colin is doing all the road blocks. Is this because he basically tells Christie "I'm doing it!" or would she rather he do it? Not sure yet about that. And how obnoxious was he when he was in that Zorb giving the Hawaiian hang loose sign??? UGGGH, please someone pass me two kilos of caviar. I rather eat that than see his actions. Well, we always have next week, huh??

Linda & Karen: These two are the best this week!!!! Watch out Chip and Kim, they are starting to come close to me wanting them to take it all!! I can't tell you how happy I was that they came in second!! They deserve it, they hustled, they kept positive and overcame lots and lots of obstacles. Good for them! I am so happy. . . the only thing that could have made me happier is if they were first! You go Karen with the sledging or whatever it is called . . . I think you guys were the best this leg!!!! They knew they were the last one and on a different flight and they just kept plowing through the Roadblocks and the Detours . . . . Good for them. I hope they ride that momentum and keep it up. They are looking great (they physically and mentally look super, too . . . I sense they lost some weight) and they seem rejuvenated and raring to go. I think next leg is gonna be a good one for them because they are going to be riding this high.

Brandon & Nicole: WAIT. . . STOP. . . What the heck is this begging for money while you are on the rest period?? Can the teams purchase tickets, run out to get maps, book plane flights over the phone as well?? And what’s all this about telling people you are on a race, and ran out of money and trying to beat other teams!!!!! (Man.... either the rules have changed or there's some major looking the other way by producers!!!!) With that said . . . .
These guys were starting to grow on me and this week it was just like one step forward three steps back...
OH NO . . . not back to the praying for God to hand them the clue again! These guys were starting to grow on me and this week it was just like one step forward three steps back, although I thought for the first time I loved it when Brandon was having fun and joking with Nicole when he was wrong about the flight arrival. I thought that was cute when he was talking about her spending time in kindergarten for a couple years and sticking out his tongue and all that. You go, Brandon! For the first time we are seeing some character and it looks like you are enjoying yourself. What’s with Nicole saying "I will backhand you and you will never model in this town again." OH that what’s on her mind now?? Modeling? LOL . . . in the mud bog you guys looked ridiculous, trudging through there as if you had a couple days to find the clue . . . and why didn't you take off your shoes before going in the mud??? Brandon . . . what the heck is all this about white water sounding intimidating??? You are freakin’ traveling around the world. What can be more intimidating than that? Have a little confidence in yourself and your teammate. Wou would have breezed that!!!!! These guys were lucky they got a head start in the beginning because if they were a further behind, there’s no way they would have been still in it.

Chip and Kim: What are you guys thinking?? Actually Kim looks like she is going to kick Chip to the curb and take over as head of the team . . . . At this point in the race it gets more and more competitive – no more silliness, joking around, and being Mr. Nice Guy. Take it from a former Mr. Nice Guy (so I've been told). Yes, you don’t want to be Mr. Jerk but you don't want to give away the race either. My question?? Could Karli and Kami have used the Yield against you after you didn't use it against them??? Wouldn't that have been a kicker?? It seems like you guys are slowing down and not hustling all the time. That’s not good. And don't worry about making Colin and Christie self-destruct. The best way to do that is get ahead of them. It will frustrate Colin to no end and his head will explode!

This team was very, very, very lucky. Had the twins taken the water Detour, I think they would have been in front of Chip and Kim and the ending of this week’s episode might have been different. Chip needs to get serious and get his focus back.
When it gets down to three, four, or five teams, playing catch up just doesn't work.
Karli and Kami: Well, it was just a matter of time before their luck ran out. They have been playing catch up the entire race, arguing with each other, and really posing no threat as far as I can see, and they have made bad decisions throughout. When it gets down to three, four, or five teams, playing catch up just doesn't work. Their biggest mistake was taking the mud challenge, which actually for them seemed a lot quicker than Brandon and Nicole but by the time the got to the Zorb it was pretty dark out, so my guess is that they got very lost with their drive to the farm. They always seem exhausted and tired at each pit stop as well. They held up for awhile, but the rope they were hanging onto just ran out . . . .

LEG 10: Back home for Phil.......New Zealand!!!
Ahhhhh geez, I am jealous. I would have loved to gone to New Zealand . . . .

Well, this was a good leg this week. As I said above, I don't think it was fair that Brandon and Nicole were able to beg for money during their downtime, but whatever. I guess their penalty of taking the teams’ money doesn't really make too much of a difference when it comes down to it all, just a little obligatory begging, maybe they'll come up with something else next year like you have to give up your backpack and clothes for one leg??? Anyway, again Colin and Christie were hot and going for the gold. They are intense and focused and only get sidetracked when they hit an obstacle that frustrates Colin or when a taxi driver wants his fare that was agreed upon. Hmmm, are they going to be the winners? Maybe the 11th leg curse will work opposite this year??
Chip is just being too silly and not taking the race seriously.
Chip is just being too silly and not taking the race seriously. This is going to kill him if he continues at this pace. He was really focused in the middle of the race, but now he seems like he is running out of steam and just getting a little too lax. Kim seems like she is getting ticked off at his antics, LOL. I still think they are so humble and have a heart of gold but that doesn't win the race, believe me. C'mon guys, you were lucky this last leg. Linda and Karen were great!!! They deserve such kudos for this leg . . . they never gave up. They seem to be getting a second wind and really, really want to prove themselves. Your families must be so proud, I am so happy for you.

Brandon and Nicole kinda disappointed me. After being spared by a non-elimination round, they shouldn't be whining about how hard it is and schlepping in the mud like slow pokes. Yeah, I am sure it’s hard to walk through it but you guys just seemed pathetic doing that Detour. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all in the editing but you have to give the cameramen something in order for them to air it, although Brandon sticking his tongue out and finally jostling Nicole a bit showed that they do have some character. I don't have much more to say except I still wish they shaved their hair off! I am wondering what happened with Karli and Kami. They seemed like they were completed with their Detour about the same time as Chip and Kim (according to the daylight) but when they got to the Zorb it was much later. I was wondering as well if they could've used the Yield against Chip and Kim and can two Zorbs go at the same time?? That would've been interesting.

According to the next week’s sneak previews, we are finally going to see the Yield. Who will it be?? Will it make a difference or can the team just beg the producers to let them go earlier??? Hmmm, should be interesting and I think there is going to be a new first place team!!! Just an inkling.

Well, until next week . . .
Ciao for now---AL TAR4 "The Clowns"

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