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A Visit to India... Bricks and Barbers - Episode 9

Al takes his crutches out to the ball game.
Al takes his crutches out to the ball game.
The Racers

Colin & Christie: First place again, huh??? Wow, I donít get it. And I am getting worried that they are going to be unstoppable . . . either they are getting some pretty fast cabs, or good breaks, or theyíre just lucky. When they drove to the airport and he was getting a little snappy with her I knew he had to blow up somewhere again . . . . I laughed when he got pissed off once again and yelled at Christie when she was trying to keep him informed as to the status of the other racers during the brick-making session . . . . Although he really did pick up the pace when he got the hang of it! I don't know what it is, but there is something about these two that just irks me. I keep thinking, " I hope people don't begin to think all Americans are like this." When Colin said "I will kick his assĒ or something to that effect when they got on the train in India??? Ugggh. But I guess I canít take it away from them, they are definitely ruling the first place spot, being super-competitive, not letting anything stop them, and taking full advantage of every break they get. Maybe next time instead of a trip somewhere they should give them free anger management classes. I still think the first mistake they make that puts them in a compromising position, they are going to self-destruct and we are going to see fireworks. And when the heck is Christie going to put a stop to Colin talking down to her???
C' mon guys, a little sloppy running this leg. I want you guys to go all the way!
Chip & Kim: C' mon guys, a little sloppy running this leg. I want you guys to go all the way!! Running past the numbers first . . . Chip, you should know better . . . and then taking the taxi cab instead of driving. Oh boy , you guys really, really got me a little nervous there. Especially when you weren't going to be on the flight everyone else was taking. You lucked out, or so it seemed. That the taxi driver knew a short cut! Still a great attitude, enjoying it, and being competitive . . . thatís all good. Now you have to find a little break somewhere that puts you in front. Don't get ahead of yourselves . . . any time you see a red and yellow flag or green podium, pounce on it! Chip . . . whatís with you sitting in the taxi while Kim pushes??? I am surprised at you and you looked like you were having the time of your life! LOL . . . good luck next week.

Linda & Karen: Really like these guys as well. They really are holding their own, although making so many silly mistakes. They are lucky that nobody took their money bag WITH their passports . . .YIKES!!!! We never kept our passports in that bag, always in a little pouch around our necks!! Not having money to buy your tickets in India??? C'mon, ladies, change your money the minute you get there!!! And then getting into a taxi and saying take me to a bank without asking how far, etc. . . . youíre killing me!!! I thought you handled the taxi guy going to the airport well. He was wrong for charging you if he said he was going that way anyway. Linda (I think) cracked me up the way she handled it, though . . . you are too cute! Karen (I think) didn't look too thrilled that she had to make the bricks. She did well though, and beat out Kim and Chip . . . impressive. I guess the trick is to think of it as making bread???? Well, ladies, keep on hustling and don't give up. You really are pulling through and I hope you go all the way as well.

Karli & Kami: Using all their sexual attributes to get money??????? Whatever floats your boat, I guess. LOL . . . all the camera shots of them twinkling their eyes and all were funny. Letís see, I donít know . . . constantly at the back of the pack and making it by the skin of their teeth all the time. I am surprised that they weren't more competitive. But they are surviving and still in the top five, so good for them. Watching Kami make the bricks while Karli screams at her saying "You know I would be better at making them than you!!" Way to cheer and support you teammate!!! I still think they are running on borrowed time here. I haven't seen anything but playing catch up all around.
Nicole commenting on how all the people are looking at her and how dirty India is, etc. I mean, what do you expect?
Brandon & Nicole: Ya know believe it or not I think these two have come a long way since the beginning of the race!! Honestly, itís less about God wants them to win. and lying, and teaming up, and more of letís just do it!! Good for them . . . and they seem real supportive of each other as well. I was a little turned off by the voice over of Nicole commenting on how all the people are looking at her and how dirty India is, etc. I mean, what do you expect? A majority of the people are poor, you look different from them, you have cameras all around you, and you are a woman?????

I COULD NOT BELIEVE when they went for the Fast Forward and didn't do it because it involved shaving their heads, and they went back to the bricks!!!! Jeez . . . címon . . . it's hair, it will grow back. I want to hear all about their decision-making!! Very disappointed in that to say the least, plus I would have loved to see them bald!!! I must say though until I heard that "one team MAY be eliminated" I was feeling for Brandon and Nicole. I really was. I really kinda liked them and wanted them still around. BUT they are so damn lucky that it was a non-elimination round. Good going, guys . . . Brandon looked SUPER surprised that they were still in it too. Too funny!

LEG 9: A visit to India....Bricks and Barbers

Back to India . . . it brought back some incredible memories for me!!

When the teams took off and it said to drive themselves, I knew the last place ďgive up all your moneyĒ was basically harmless to Kami and Karli. Shucks, I really wanted to see them scramble a bit. Oh, well! The racers actually looked a little more energized and pretty well rested, so somewhere they got a nice 36-hour rest and lots to eat . . . .
What are the Bowling Moms and Chip and Kim doing making silly mistakes so late in the race?
What are the Bowling Moms and Chip and Kim doing making silly mistakes so late in the race???? Leaving your passports out for anyone to take??? (I am sure someone kept a watch on those babies!) Not reading EXACTLY what you have to do?? Shame on you, Chip and Kim. All the route information needs to be read carefully . . . it is sooo important. Kudos to Kim for figuring it out before it was way too late. Yep, keep on going over everything every spare second you have, it makes a difference and can be a life saver!

I thought the whole taxi thing with Linda and Karen was odd. After all, the guy did say he was going there. BUT Linda handled that so well and appropriately. I guess we are lucky it wasn't Colin or else he would have taken down the whole damn airport!!! (WOW, that would've been great TV though.) They all handled the brick making pretty well, but Chip seemed to master it right from the start and Colin and Karen beat him at it??? That was strange. Like I said before, I can't believe Brandon and Nicole refused to follow through with the Fast Forward??? Mind boggling to me. Wait, wasn't there something in the Bible about someone shaving off his hair and losing all his strength????? HMMMMMM, now I see everything! Okay, Brandon, I can see why you didn't want to do it now.
I was glad to finally see more of the teams happy when they got to the red carpet and found they were still in the game.
I was surprised to see two non-elimination rounds in a row . . . and I was glad to finally see more of the teams happy when they got to the red carpet and found they were still in the game. Up until this point, the only teams that seemed happy and cheered were the Bowling Moms and Chip and Kim. It also seemed at one point that teams were taking their sweet ole time getting a taxi. These teams should be running and making up every minute they can from now on. . . .

I am so looking forward to next weekís leg. This is where itís all going to come down to no silly mistakes and good navigational skills and task completion skills. Should be a good one!

Ciao for now
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