Alex’s Picks

Episode Ten

Alex Boylan
Alex Boylan
Alex took last week off, so he's well rested and ready to prognosticate!

1st. Colin/Christie: They are becoming too much of a threat and teams are going to start trying to take them down. But they can't be stopped, so they are still my top pick.

2nd. Brandon/Nicole: They will have a renewed spirit after this last leg that will catapult them back near the top.

3rd. Chip/Kim: Their chemistry and attitude should be a guideline for all other racers in this game.

4th. Linda/Karen: They are outperforming everyone’s expectations...I would love to see two moms in the final three!!

Eliminated: Kami/Karli: They have been next to last or last 6 out of the 9 episodes, which makes me pick these two as the next team eliminated from the race. However, I will be happily surprised if they’re not!!