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"We are not triple A" & Ugly Americanitis - Episode 8

Flo, Drew, Ken, Derek and Al <br />
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Flo, Drew, Ken, Derek and Al
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Hey, everyone, I have a very special TAR5 episode review!! Let this be the start of the planning of A Race of All Stars!!! Let’s just call this an All Star review!! This past Tuesday I had the privilege of accompanying TAR3’s Ken, Flo, Drew, AND Derek to watch that evening’s episode. In doing so we all gave a little feedback about what we were thinking as we watched. So this is a total collaborative review and I must say it was freakin’ blast watching it with them all!

Ken was gracious enough to open up his place to us all and he was the most gracious of hosts. Offering us beverages of all types, a light assortment of snacks and finally some strawberries/blueberries and cake and whipped cream . . . . then finally it was time to go to the entertainment room and view this week’s episode!

By the way, we all had some great stories and reminisced about our experiences on the past races as well. Some interesting topics were brought up, to say the least. I was glad to be able to sit and just chat with them all. I've met most but never got a chance to just sit and BS . . . . what a great bunch of people!! No wonder TAR won last year’s Emmy!
Here's our collective thoughts on the episode. . . .
Holy cow, can you say “losing it”!?!? How about “Psycho”?!?! What about “pop a vein in your head”!?!?
Colin & Christie: Holy cow, can you say “losing it”!?!? How about “Psycho”?!?! What about “pop a vein in your head”!?!? How about “what the hell is this guy thinking”?!?!?! I bet if there weren't cameras around that boy wouldn't be around to talk about his adventures!!! We all couldn't believe his ranting and raving and thought he was nuts!!! It was great television though . . . we were all fixed to the television just dying to see what was going to happen! Way to go, Mr. Editor! I totally believe that Colin is losing it!! He is so stressed out and he is going to implode sooner or later. Christie . . . we talked a little about that whole thing as well. Apologizing to him for doubting him and not supporting him?? We all came to wonder if she is a battered woman?? What is her problem? She should have ripped him a new one for carrying on the way he did . . . NOT apologize for getting mad at him. These two are sitting on a time bomb and it’s only a matter of time before they self destruct!!
What I liked about the way they ran this leg as well is they concentrated on themselves.
Brandon & Nicole: These two ran an excellent leg. . . . They were basically in stealth mode. Yep, they didn’t get caught up in anything, they just kept pushing and slowly getting in front of each team and leading instead of following. That’s why they got to sky-jump first. What I liked about the way they ran this leg as well is they concentrated on themselves. They didn’t try to find an alliance or ask God for help or blame it on the locals, they just buckled down and ran great race! Brandon was right about paying the taxi driver the $100. They made the deal . . . come on, Nicole, don't start pullin’ a "COLIN." BUT Nicole was right about giving $20 when the bill was only $9. They need to think a little ahead and try to break as many bills whenever they get a chance. OH, by the way, I was just reminded that my niece and nephew are Brandon and Nicole, too, so of course I have to send some good vibes to this team. I really liked them this week and there were a couple of us that thought Brandon was scared stiff about doing the jump. But seeing him in the air, he didn't seem bothered too much. Nicole was busy holding onto her top rather than putting her hands out and enjoying the moment.
You shouldn't waste your time trying to fix other teams quarrels . . . it’s not worth it.
Chip and Kim: CHIP..What the hell were you thinking when you gave the guy a $20.00 tip?!?!?!?!?! We were all cursing you and laughing at the same time . . . oh, man, you almost blew it!! You guys ran a good leg. You shouldn't waste your time trying to fix other teams quarrels . . . it’s not worth it. You guys hustled and you are getting better and better each leg. Good for you, but remember, it’s a race out there and when all is said and done, as long as you were fair, paid what you owed, enjoyed yourself and your teammate, and focus on what you are there to do, you will do fine. C’mon man, don’t let me down now, man. No more silly "Mr. Nice guy" gestures!! Believe me, I know.
I like them a lot, but I think they are starting to look more and more tired.
Linda & Karen: Considering they were pulling up the rear from the start, they did pretty damn good! Fourth place . . . that’s the way to go, as long as they are not last. But they have to get quicker on their toes . . . it’s going to get tougher now . . . and tighter. I like them a lot, but I think they are starting to look more and more tired. Oh, and a comment about how much weight they lost since episode one was talked about . . . “no carb diet” shhheeesh, yeah, right! They are gonna need some lucky breaks to get up into the front of the pack. I really, really want to see them finish first just once. They are the only ones excited on the mat!!! C'mon, girls, hold on!

Kami and Karli: OH how damn lucky these two are. They have been dragging for a while now, but if they don't catch a break and just trust themselves and lead instead of follow . . . .if you see red and yellow flags GO THAT WAY!!!! . . . they are gonna be sent packing. The majority of the review crowd liked "the twins." I don’t know, they always look beat tired and scatterbrained to me. And they should have chucked their backpacks when they ran for the skydive tickets. Well, they were lucky it was a non-elim leg . . . but man, they saved up a lot of money and now it’s alll gooone. Can you say buh-bye? Let’s see how they pull this off . . . should be very interesting!

Epsisode 8: All Star review: "We are not triple A" & Ugly Americanitis
WAIT . . . there was a moment when Flo was feeling for him. That didn’t last too long, though!
Well . . . talk about a great episode. If you missed it . . . you lost, you are eliminated!! Yes, this was great television and no wonder why TAR5 is doing fantastic in the ratings!! The first half was all about Colin and his psycho behavior . . . yes, the whole group agreed he is going nuts. He really should have been thrown into jail. He is sooo lucky that officer didn't arrest his ass. (WAIT . . . there was a moment when Flo was feeling for him. That didn’t last too long, though!) And look up “ugly American” in the dictionary and guess whose picture is there? Sorry for being so mean, but man I watched the episode again with some friends and all they hoped for was that Colin’s parachute not open . . .YIKES!!! I just could not believe what I was seeing. And Christie . . . she saved his ass and he had the gall to say she added to the problems??????? AND TO TOP IT OFF . . . she apologizes to him???? Ugggh, they deserve to be at the end of the pack next week . . . okay, enough said. The taxi car passing was classic, but we all wondered about all this "We are in a race" AND " We have to beat the other teams." We weren't allowed to say stuff like that. And of course the hours of operation in Dubai was predictable. I heard a lot about that hotel thanks to Derek’s experience being there. It is amazing, I think the most exclusive and/or expensive in the world.

It seems like the producers this year really figured out the money situation pretty closely . . . more teams are running low, and that makes for some interesting conflict and resolution solving. The Bowling Moms never gave up. I love the fact that they were excited when they were gonna drive in the desert, and they are excited when they are on the mat and safe. (NO ONE ELSE EVEN SEEMS EXCITED!)

Karli and Kami . . . driving right past the red and yellow flags was crazy. I think we all screamed at them!!! Like the team ahead of you knows better than you??? They need to become more assertive and just do it. A comment was brought up that they are athletes; they should be assertive and strong minded and just do what they think they need to do . . . stop being so wishy washy!!

I can't wait until this Tuesday. . . . I think there might be some fireworks, and I can't wait to see who shaves their head for the fast forward. Sorry, Brandon, but I was kinda hoping it would be you. C'mon, that would be fun to watch . . . wouldn't it???


Until next week-- Ciao
AL TAR4 "the clowns", Also....Ken, Flo, Derek, and Drew (TAR3)
Thanks for the fun time guys!!!

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