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The Dennyís International Passport Breakfast - Episode 7

This was their week!!!!!!! All the freakin' way!!
Chip & Kim: This was their week!!!!!!! All the freakin' way!! Let me tell you.... Chip once again seemed to absolutely be loving it all, taking it all in, and even visiting with the villagers . . going as far as to sit with them and relax...but pushing hard and being competitive all the time!!!! Right next to him supporting him all the way . . his wife Kim . . . these two donít waste time arguing or fighting, they just get the job done and both seem to really enjoy the whole experience. Damn, he went through that ostrich egg (or at least thatís what the editors wanted us to believe) like it was nothing. LOL, you have to love these two. Keep the positive attitude and cohesiveness and as long as bad luck doesn't strike, these two are golden...all the way!!!

Colin & Christie: Wheeew!! I donít know about Colin setting up that split-team alliance. Man oh man, that really could have backfired if they didnít get on that plane. How lucky was he that he was able to figure that one out before all the other teams turned on him? And the twins were right there, getting ready to set that all up!! These two seemed to be stressing out big time, although I nearly died when Colin went back to cook his eggs a little more well done. Remaining calm and cool and focused is SO important at this point...these two need to CHILL OUT!!! Stop worrying about everyone else (well Charla and Mirna) and just get focused!!
You really must have hauled ass with the furniture (secret back way right??) and yum, yum, eat Ďem up with the ostrich eggs.
Linda & Karen: Ladies, ladies, are looking tired, and how the heck you pulled this one out is beside me . . .but ya did it. You joined the Mirna and Charla alliance because basically you had no other choice. Címon, admit it . . . not because "you just love 'em." You really must have hauled ass with the furniture (secret back way right??) and yum, yum, eat Ďem up with the ostrich eggs. Sheesh, in the next leg I think you need to get some major rest (as best ya could) and try to get in the lead at some point to be able to hang on.

Brandon & Nicole: This leg seemed like it was very difficult for these two, although if Brandon wasn't there to do all the talking on the bus I am not quite sure how Nicole would have done. Throwing money at a local . . . HMMMMM not too smart! I totally understand. It gets a little unnerving when you are in a foreign country and people are getting upset with you, BUT you have to remember thereís more of them than you....and you are in their country!

Kami & Karli: OH boy, if these two donít step it up and get on their toes they are done!!! They looked exhausted and out of it...did you see one of them at the finish line?? Bent over?? Hmmmm . . . they are also slick not arguing on the bus and allowing Brandon to pay the extra $10.00 for gas... wow they definitely take advantage to opportunities that will help them but when it comes time to help . . . "hasta la bye bye" . . . they are nowhere to be seen. Well, theyíd better shape up or else they are going to be saying hasta la vista real soon. I am worried next week may be their last week.
Mirna . . . jeez I donít know what to say, couldn't she at least eat the freakiní ostrich eggs and give her cousin a break?!
Charla & Mirna: I kinda knew they were done was just a matter of time before they didnít get "a lucky break" or "a ship that happens to wait for them" or "Camel owners that donít know how to tell time." Ooops, I think I am being mean. Okay, okay, okay, Charla was a trooper. She really had to do a lot and really, really tried hard. But when it gets to this point in the race, itís pure run your ass off, make some smart moves, and keep ahead of everyone. Mirna . . . jeez I donít know what to say, couldn't she at least eat the freakiní ostrich eggs and give her cousin a break?!?!?! I got a good laugh out of her explanation of how Colin is leeching onto the other teams and the other teams are too dumb to realize it. . . LOL . . . and what was she doing to the Bowling Moms???? Yes, it was definitely time, and sorry, ladies, but I believe you will be carrying your own bags to Loser Lodge this time around.

Episode 7: The Dennyís international passport breakfast: "I'll take my 2 dozen eggs scrambled ...well."

WOW, how cool is it to go to Southern Africa? Man -Oh- Man, in TAR4 we actually had visas to go to Kenya (an obvious decoy) but I was psyched just with the thought.
Shame on you two . . . nobody forced you to join!
Okay . . . well, folks it looks like the fight is on!!!! Man, this leg started out with instant dirty deeds!!! Colin spearheading a vendetta against Charla and Mirna, and everyone else just filed in line...this is a crazy thing to do at this point. C'mon! As I said earlier, this very well could have been Colinís demise. Oh, and twins Karli and Kami picked up on that real fast, bad mouthing him. Shame on you two . . . nobody forced you to join! Also, Christie blocking the airports doors?? HUH?? Whatís with all this?? Folks...the race is half over . . . these types of tactics are just going to frustrate you, waste your time, and maybe even cause you to miss a flight! Charla and Mirna were smart and definitely played it right by ignoring all the stupid petty antics and finding the earlier flights, even though one of them was delayed. If someone in Colinís group hadn't asked where the cousins were, the Colin alliance group would have been at each otherís throats the rest of the leg.

Maybe itís just me, but all the teams look EXHAUSTED!!! Huffing and puffing. Believe me I know what it's like, but itís not going to get any easier. Chip and Kim seem like they were handling it the best . . . good for you two. I was actually surprised nobody did the honey gathering! I think I would have done that. The twins were slick, allowing Brandon to deal with all the bus stuff and even graciously allowing him to pay the extra money for gas?? HUH??? Whatís with that??? Nicole . . . girl, you are lucky that guy didnít get nasty with you . . . yeah, I agree, you don't just throw money around. But once you started saying "we'll give you a hundred dollars if you go now on the bus," well, everyoneís gonna assume you are just handing out money.
I think they are all getting scrambled brain syndrome.
It looks to me like these teams need to chill out, stop wasting their energy worrying about other teams, and just focus, focus, focus. I think they are all getting scrambled brain syndrome. LOL!

Next week should be very interesting if the racers continue at this pace. This is where the real race starts. No mistakes, no petty arguing, support each other, and once you have your travel plans . . . LOOK!!!

AGAIN, I can guarantee thereís gonna be some kind of a catch . . . .

See you all next week.

CIAO----AL TAR4 "The Clowns"

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