Location/Culture Reports

Culture Report – Tanzania

Movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Tanzania include King Solomon's Mines (1950), Congo, Mogambo, and Pride.

Books written about Tanzania include Tales from Tanzania by Scott Balows, Serengeti by Mitsuaki Iwago, Rehema’s Journey by Barbara Margolies, The Lake Regions of Central Africa by Richard Francis Burton, On Top of Africa: The Climbing of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya by Neville Schulman, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Stephen Carmichael, and Kilimanjaro by Audrey Salkeld. In Tanzania on Tuesday, a story about Tanzania is included in this book of travel stories written by American women in other countries.

If after reading about Mt. Kilimanjaro inspires you to actually go to Tanzania and start climbing – here is a website with all the information that you would ever need.