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King Tutís Revenge - Episode 6

Al Rios
Al Rios
Hey there everyone! Another Tuesday already!!! Wow...... I just wanted to let everyone know that I think I got a little carried away and goofy writing this weekís little recap....

Also...sorry I wasn't here the first four episodes but itís kinda a stroke of bad luck that I am able to write and watch these episodes. Ya see, I was supposed to be working on Royal Caribbean's cruise ship performing 'til the end of August. But alas, during a performance good 'ol AL was running down a stairway and came down on his foot Ė and twisted and busted his foot. OUCH!!! So they sent me a cast that is...for 6 weeks. Sheeesh! So now I am jobless this summer BUT I do get to write these little recaps!! Anyway, I just thought I'd let ya know why I am coming in so late.

WAIT! This just in.... a little Boeing 747 told me that there was a local TV station doing publicity in Chicago, looking for teams for TAR7, and two tall Sequoia-looking guys were hoping to get a second chance??? Naaaah, it canít be. Someone tell me it's not true.

OKAY Ė enough kidding already! On with the race....
Hey, thatís the same thing Jon and I won!
Colin & Christie: I'll tell ya I was getting a bit worried for them cause I know what it's like when ya work your A** off getting a lead and the next day everyone is right there with ya....frustrating, and a mean head game!!! The arguing with Charla and Mirna should get real interesting (as the coming attractions let us know). LOL ..I wouldnít want to get into an argument with Colin.... These two seem really focused and are doing great...not making any mistakes and taking advantage of every opportunity they get..SMART! Keep it up and finally a trip!!! Hey, thatís the same thing Jon and I won!

Chip & Kim: Having a great time, enjoying every opportunity, taking it all in, but also being competitive and real.... They are getting stronger and stronger each leg. It was definitely the sheep herder thingy that held them up! Good for Kim.... like she said about contributing to the team... you go!! I really, really like these two!!

Brandon & Nicole: I'll tell ya, him riding the donkey and her leading it made me laugh. I am sorry but I couldnít help but think about the three wise men going to Jerusalem (God forgive me). They did well ...and worked together real well and were so supportive of each other during that sandbox dig. Gosh, that had to be sooooo annoying. A good leg, guys!

Kami & Karli: Hmmmm. I dunno...these two seem like they are getting frustrated with each other, arguing a bit more, and getting tired. They found that scarab pretty quickly, which was a saving grace. Stop and take a breath!

Charla & Mirna: Colin assaulting Mirna???? Ehhhh, ummm, I dunno about this. I know the sleep deprivation is definitely settling in and all...but forgive me for saying this: Címon Mirna, stop acting like you are so entitled to EVERYTHING (thanks Ken for that line, LOL). Although once again, editing is everything as well. But at least she started pulling her own weight with the sheep herding and scarab search. But damnÖstop complaining (please). It is so unbecoming. Charla... So positive and supportive, although I think I did hear you say that Mirna was digging slow??? Easy, girl!

Linda & Karen: Good for you two... ya little beggars you! I knew you would overcome last weekís no-money scheme. Ya scared me with the scarab dig, though. When I saw that big pile of sand ya made Ė sheeeesh! I am glad you didnít give up! They have to start hustling and take advantage of every opportunity to get ahead of the pack. Watch out because they were last two weeks in a row...I think they are getting tired. Címon girls, you can do it... itís all uphill from here...just think of it as a 7-10 split!

Lance & Marshall: Sorry, guys, but the writing was on the wall... I will go out on a limb and say I was wrong and the last pit stop was only 12 hours, which is rough when you are hurting. SO difficult to recoup from ANYTHING. I was surprised that they didnít finish the scarab dig.... Their time was doubt.

Episode 6: King Tutís Revenge

Good 'Ol Egypt! I would have loved to visit there, and what did I say about a specific flight so everyone could catch up? Hate to say it, but I knew it. It's so frustrating too...believe me. (Sorry Colin and Christie, but get used to it). I found the episode rather Ė hmmm, how can ya say it Ė very vanilla, I guess. Nothing really jumped out at me. Although Chip and Kimís taxi ride was fun to watch...itís great to be in another country and someone driving in the middle of the road while cars pass on both sides.

I did find the assault charge rather amusing. Címon, Mirna Ė something is a brewin'!! Can't wait to see next week, but you all know how CBS is, they build it up and its just a little tit for tat. I guess we will have to see.
The sheep jumping out were great; we needed more of that!
I loved the loading of sheep, although I think the loaders should've had to wear a LiL Bo Peep outfit for laughs. The sheep jumping out were great; we needed more of that! LOL...nothing like eels but still fun.. I definitely would have picked the sheep one, too. but damn that water filling was so much easier...I think the teams should have had to wear their backpacks!!
  • Trip to Egypt: $1,500.....
  • Fresh water in a jug: $15.00...
  • Brandon on a donkey with a water jug and Nicole leading the donkey: Priceless! made me laugh!
Anyone notice that Charla and Mirna always get some local to carry their backpacks?? Whatís with that?

The whole scarab sandbox dig had to be so frustrating....this could've really added lots of stress had all the teams gotten there at the same time, although I think the least the other team member could've done while their teammate was digging was build a sandcastle or something!. Linda & Karen were sooooo lucky that Lance and Marshall (I'm confused about which is which) were physically hurting. I was surprised that they didn't just finish that damn sandbox dig. Even if it took me 10 hours I would have just said, ďI ain't giving up.Ē But it was obvious that he was hurting and they had just had it. Amazing Race history was made!! (But hey, now they can go to Loser Lodge and enjoy some pizza...albeit itís nothing like New York style pizza. Probably more like Chicago style..donítcha think, Steve and Dave ATC?? LOL)

I think all the teams are going to have to suck it up now. Itís sleep deprivation, achey muscles, and just plain ole sick and tired of running around and being stressed out time. The teams are dwindling down and there is less and less room for ANY mistakes. Each team has to take advantage of every single opportunity to get ahead of the others. Hopefully they will all realize they are doing what soooo many dream about! Appreciate and enjoy it as well.....right, Chip?

CIAO----AL TAR4 "The Clowns"

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