Alex’s Picks

Episode Five

Here are Alex's picks for episode five. Hmmm…is anyone keeping up with his track record?

Charla/Mirna: You’re due for a first place finish.

Brandon/Nicole: You are playing a lot of teams and its working!!

Colin/Christie: Christie, you won much respect by how you fought through last week’s roadblock. They stay strong with a third place finish.

Linda/Karen: the moms of the world will be looking up to the two of you!!

Kami/Karli: You guys have struggled in every leg. I think this leg is where you'll start learning how to play this race!

Marshall/Lance: The race seems to be taking its toll on the two of them...they barely stay alive with a sixth place finish.

Chip/Kim: Unfortunately we have a first to last in this episode. Everyone I watch this show with loves you guys. It will be sad to see you go!!