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Fashion Report - Episode Four

Bertie and Elise donít need a show of their own, they need an entire network.
Daria: I am so happy the Race finally went to Russia this week, Swimmerboy! Forget the racers, I just want to watch the Russians. Even the cab drivers looked great with their fur hats. But Rasputin! And the dashing Cossacks and the swirling dancers! I wish weíd seen more of them and less of that disgusting caviar. Sometimes I think thereís a much larger travel story lurking beneath many of the challenges. Bertie and Elise donít need a show of their own, they need an entire network.

Swimmerboy: Whenever the race goes to your more exotic locales, I look forward to seeing the local garb. Then I realize just how little of it we get to see because they're in and out so quickly. You're absolutely right about the Russian attire. I would have loved to have spent more time watching everybody complete the "drink one shot" detour option because watching the dancers and everybody having such a great time is one of the things that makes the race so great.

Daria: Do you have any idea how Mirna gets all her clothes into her bag? Because I sure donít. She mystifies me on any number of levels. And shifting gears a bit, I backpack. I see other backpackers. And I donít understand those backpack covers that Chip and Kim had. Yes, they looked cool, but Iím not sure they served much of a purpose. Packs are usually waterproof, so I doubt they needed the covers for protection. Iím baffled.
It looked like they had giant lemons strapped to their backs.
Swimmerboy: I didn't understand the yellow backpack covers, and I didn't like them. It looked like they had giant lemons strapped to their backs. They did make me notice for the first time just how gigantic their packs are! Man, I'm surprised Kim can get around with that thing. As for Mirna...well, she's just such an unusual bird. I wouldn't be surprised if she had some sort of bottomless bag that holds every outfit she owns, much like I imagine Santa's toy sack to work. Again, though, I have to say the girl knows how to look good. She's obviously got a subscription to Vogue.

Daria: Weíve given the Moms some grief about their matching shirts, and I did think they looked better in their turtlenecks and jackets this week, especially Karen. But I wanted to mention a small detail that I found very telling. When they were drinking the vodka, I spotted a tiny pearl hanging from a small chain around Lindaís neck. And it made me think: why would you wear a necklace on the Race? Possibly for the usual reasons, of having a decorative item in an area that requires something of visual interest. But I immediately thought that that tiny pearl probably had some significance. Perhaps her husband or one of her children gave it to her. And I thought that was kind of sweet.

Swimmerboy: I didn't notice this, but I've always thought that if I ran the race, I'd definitely wear something every day that reminded me of a family member or friend I was particularly close to. I think it's a good way to let loved ones back home know that you're constantly thinking about them. I always wondered whether those armbands Aaron and Arianne wore in TAR3 bore any significance.

Daria: Now that weíre seeing winter gear, Iím going to suggest that the TAR5 racers as a group are better dressed than the TAR4 racers. Except for the ATCs, of course. And Millieís white ensemble. The TAR5 racers seemed to have a lot of yellow, which isnít my favorite color but looked good this week. And the browns and beiges Colin and Christie wore were classic without boring me to death.

Swimmerboy: I hate yellow, too (though Reichen's shorts are still ok with me), so I would like to see less of it as well. But I fully agree that Colin and Christie looked great. I even liked their coordinated skull caps. And while watching both the Moms and Kami/Karli completing the detour, I was struck by how colorful their gear was, reminding me that winter dress does not always have to be drab.

Daria: Things I didnít like: Charlaís wonderful pink vest over her yellow top, a bad combination of two pieces that are attractive separately. The hockey gear was way too New York Rangers clashing red and blue; Iím a hockey fan, but yuck! And yet more unnecessary advertising for Cafť Nostril. Look, guys, Iím not from Dallas, I have no plans to visit, and if I do, Iím not eating pizza. My big fear was that someone was going to puke on their clothes. I canít tell you how grateful I am that no one did.
But while we're discussing things we didn't like...I'm not so sure about Phil the Stay-Puft Marshamallow man.
Swimmerboy: I refuse to comment on the Nostril brothers again until they wear something that does NOT promote their restaurant. But while we're discussing things we didn't like...I'm not so sure about Phil the Stay-Puft Marshamallow man. That big white monstrosity got me thinking of the Seinfeld episode where George is sporting his new Gortex coat, and when he accidentally runs into somebody, the man (was he Russian, actually?) ends up screaming "Big Coat! Big Coat!"

Daria: Mmm, weíll have to agree to disagree about Phil, then, because I rather liked the coat. On to the awards. Since itís our last chance to do so, Iím giving the Pretty People award to Bob and Joyce. I liked the sweater she wore when she did her spirited little post-hockey dance, and I especially appreciated his orange t-shirt in the airports. Anyone who combines a classic look with vibrant color gets my vote. Runners up are Colin and Christie, whom I mentioned above. And since none of the other racers particularly stood out, Iím giving the second runner up spot to the Cossacks and their dancing ladies.

Swimmerboy: I'm going to give mine to Colin and Christie. I've liked them since the beginning, and I'm not falling into the ďhe's a serial killerĒ vibe that a lot of people seem to be getting. They ran a near flawless leg, had no fashion faux-paus, and I thought Colin was extremely supportive of Christie at the roadblock. Then he had to go and tear up at the pit stop. Say what you will, but I thought he was totally sincere in his praise of Christie, and I loved it. But Bob and Joyce are definitely runners up. They were a class act all the way.

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