Alex’s Picks

Episode Four

Just under the wire, Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the forth episode of TAR5.

Notes: Is anyone as surprised as I am that no team has used the Fast Forward!

Charla/Mirna: They seem to be gaining momentum as the race goes on!

Colin/Christie: Nothing seems to be stopping these two from staying in the front of the pack.

Bob/Joyce: By far the most consistent racers.

Marshall/Lance: They are due for a strong leg in this race.

Kami/Karli: Your entrance into last weekís pit-stop was awesome. Staying strong in fifth place.

Brandon/Nicole: It's going to become more difficult to race with the growing number of teams against you.

Chip/Kim: Barely stay alive with a 7th place finish. But remember itís not important to be first, itís important not to be last!

Linda/Karen: This team has to be growing on everyone! They seem to be keeping this whole journey in check. Unfortunately, this team is my pick to be eliminated.

Marsha/Jim: The most popular team is gone. Sorry to see them go. Third team eliminated.

Alison/Donny: Second team eliminated.

Dennis/Erika: First team eliminated.