Alex’s Picks

Episode Three

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the third episode of TAR5.

From first to last

Colin/Christie - I like the way they are racing...they never seem complacent oor satisfied with how they place.

Kami/Karli - Chip pissed them off...they'll come out gunning this week!

Brandon/Nicole - It's nearly impossible to be first two weeks in a row, but they stay strong with a third place finish this week.

Marshal/Lance - Tough luck with the gas...but I was impressed how they kept their heads in the game.

Jim/Marsha - Jim has a busted up knee, the team was told an unadulterated lie, and they still kicked ass - Awesome!!

Bob/Joyce - Calm, cool, and collected...the sleeper team in this season's race.

Chip/Kim - Admit got beat to the car! However good decision to stay there because you never could have been eliminated!

Linda/Karen - This team is growing on me. They seem like they're having fun on this race and, surprisingly, that's hard to do.

Charla/Mirna - Charla you just might be the toughest player to ever be on this race. It will be sad to see you go. Third Team Eliminated

Alison/Donny - 2nd Team Eliminated

Dennis/Erika - 1st Team Eliminated