Astrological Predictions - Episode Three

Brandon Pluto/Aries/3rd House
Nicole Sun/Sagittarius/5th House

Transformation vs. self-satisfaction; drive vs. a possible loss of focus; everyday thinking vs. creativity. These two are in opposition to each other all the way down. But they've had this type of a mismatch before, and done all right, so I'm saying that each continue to provide what the other lacks, and that they'll continue to do well. (Besides, Chip and Kim are a good example of too close of a match!) He's going to be facing change (and probably resisting it); she's solidly in the strengths of her self-knowledge. Her Sagittarius may take things a bit too lightly or give up too easily; his Aries will try to bring her back on task. He'll be thinking inside the box with the lid on; she won't be near it. But they've shown no real indication that this causes a problem so far. Still, there's nothing pointing at a particularly good leg, either, and some other teams do look like they'll be making substantial moves upward, so

middle of the pack

Charla Venus/Gemini/10th House
Mirna Sun/Aquarius/4th House
Our flaky team is still going to be flaky.
Our flaky team is still going to be flaky. Charla's cast is exactly the same as it was for the first leg, so look for more solid, workmanlike, matter-of-fact racing from her. Mirna's is self (The Sun)/inventiveness, intuition, and the embracing of change(Aquarius)/foundations (Fourth House), with the same sign she had last week. In other words, look for more of the same from the cousins. Charla's determined, and Mirna is just naturally exuberant and well, weird. It worked before, and I see no reason to think that it will change. There's nothing to make me believe that they'll drop far in the standings, so I'll keep them in the

front of the pack

Jim Neptune/Pisces/4th House
Marsha Sun/Cancer/1st House

Jim's got the same planet/sign combination that Marsha had last week; Marsha's got the same planet Jim had. They're still going to make decisions that don't seem to make sense, following hunches and intuition. It worked for them last week, I'd venture that their intuition is fairly sound. There will still be at least one "Why did they do that ?!" moment for us viewers. Her Sun does indicate that she'll set up and take the lead a bit more. His house is foundations, hers is self. They've decided that they're going to go their own way, and not ally with, rely on, or even believe any other team. That may not work out as well. Not a great cast, but not a bad one either, so unless something goes horribly wrong, I'll put them in the

middle of the pack

Linda Uranus/Scorpio/9th House
Karen Uranus/Aquarius/1st House
If Linda and Karen thought that Uruguay was different from Palmdale, they're going to be astounded at this week's destination.
This is the first matched set of Planets I got for this leg, and it's the planet of change. If Linda and Karen thought that Uruguay was different from Palmdale, they're going to be astounded at this week's destination. Both of their signs deal with change well, and in fact, Aquarius thrives on change. Scorpio doesn't so much thrive, but a Scorpio will roll with the punches instead of fighting them futilely, and it's not a static sign, like Taurus or Cancer, that wants things the way that is familiar and can dislike or actively resist new things. Linda's got the Ninth House; acquired wisdom, exploration, and long journeys, and this is going to be easily a long journey; perhaps the acquired wisdom is what Moms learn early--sleep when you can. It's the same house she had last week. Karen's First House is self: self-confidence, self-discovery, self-awareness. All in all, between the way they've Raced so far, and this cast, I'm putting them

first to the mat

Bob North Node/Scorpio/9th House
Joyce Sun/Libra/10th House

Their planets both reflect self-knowledge and an understanding of where they fit in the world. Libra is about communication, harmonious relationships, and looking before you leap. Scorpio is about focus and intensity. They'll still be enjoying themselves, and they'll still be the warm, affectionate, effective team of the first two legs. Joyce will be a bit more cautious about examining all the options, though. (Maybe Perro wasn't as easy as she thought it would be?) Bob will still be her cheerleader, and still will be game for anything. The Tenth House is the house that is concerned with success. It doesn't guarantee it, though, and frankly, Joyce's Ninth House worries me a bit. They've done fine on every cast that came up Third House: short journeys; I believe this is because so far they've been treating each leg as an adventure in itself. This week she's got long journeys; perhaps a moment of dismay at just how far they've got to go? I'm not going to call them out over it, but it will keep them in the

middle of the pack

Colin Venus/Capricorn/6th House
Christie Saturn/Sagittarius/4th House

Colin and Christie start off with a double hit of Saturn (which rules Capricorn,) so look for still more disciplined racing from them, and attention to detail: they've learned from the cemetery goof last week to check their sources. His Venus and her Sagittarius are both indications that they'll relax a bit, and enjoy what they're doing and seeing. His Sixth House (work) means that he won't take it too easy, though; he'll be aware that they've got a job to do. Her Fourth House is that old standby "foundations," and her pageant background has given her the knowledge that you don't get your goals handed to you (a lesson Kami and Karli need to take to heart), so I'm taking that to mean that she's done her homework. It may be just how to get winter clothes into packs that only weigh 15 pounds, but it's going to pay off. With the Greater Malefic twice and the Greater and Lesser Benefics, they need to keep luck out of their equation, since they can't expect it to go well. It looks like a toss-up between them and the Moms for first, so I'll throw the Malefic/Benefics into the scale this time, and put Colin and Christie

front of the pack

Marshall Uranus/Taurus/3rd House
Lance Uranus/Aries/8th House
Both of these guys have demonstrated a serious case of egoism so far, but that doesn't help in the Race; and neither has demonstrated any real flexibility, which does.
Another set of matched planets, and the same set as Karen and Linda. The brothers will also be hit hard by the differences between the places this leg takes them, and everything they've known before (Uranus -- major and unexpected changes). Both of their signs are never-give-up signs, but they differ radically in approach: Taurus is solid and practical, Aries is fiery and flashy, and often depends more on determination than good sense to get to the goal. Their Houses reinforce this difference: Marshall's Third is the house of everyday thinking; Lance's Eighth is the house of vitality and energy. They're still going to be taking everything seriously (Uranus isn't a party planet and neither the Ram nor the Bull is exactly a party animal), and working at the Race rather than enjoying it. Both of these guys have demonstrated a serious case of egoism so far, but that doesn't help in the Race; and neither has demonstrated any real flexibility, which does. They do seem to work together well, though, so barring a xenophobia-induced collapse, I'll put them in the

middle of the pack

Chip Sun/Taurus/5th House
Kim Sun/Taurus/2nd House

Okay, these two need to stop sharing one brain. The first week, they shared a planet; the second week they shared a sign. This week, they're sharing both planet and sign. Their teamwork will be impeccable, but they really need to stop thinking completely alike; sometimes having a different point of view can be helpful. The Sun indicates that they still believe in themselves (although in Chip's case, maybe a bit too much; he really seems to be thinking that if this Race is hard on big, strong him, it must be much worse for the lesser mortals involved). Taurus is the generally placid, stubborn, never-quit sign, so they'll just bull on through whatever difficulties they run into without a great deal of fuss. Their Houses balance nicely; his Fifth is the house of joys and pleasures and creativity; her Second, the house of resources and money, and principles and ethics, so they'll divide up the chores -- he'll figure out how to do things, she'll figure out if what he wants to do is within the rules. They won't do anything flashy or spectacular, and I'm not seeing anything to indicate a big move up, but they won't do anything stupid, either. I'm going to put them in the

back of the pack.

Kami Jupiter/Virgo/2nd House
Karli Neptune/Taurus/9th House
These two have an odd mix this week, but there's one thing that threads through the whole cast, and that's "grudge."
These two have an odd mix this week, but there's one thing that threads through the whole cast, and that's "grudge." Kami's Jupiter is expansive, and looks at the greater goal, but it also influences the desire for fairness and "justice," and can be rather vindictive, especially if wronged. Her Virgo is precise and detail-oriented, and likes things tidy, even karma. Her Second House is the house of material resources and ethical principles. Kami's going to be nursing that grudge she's got against Chip and Kim for all she's worth, and I expect to hear "It's the principle of the thing!" or something similar come out of her mouth at least once during the third leg, probably while she tries to “get them back.” Karli, on the other hand, has Neptune's off-the-wallness, and Taurian solidity both going for her, so maybe that off-the-wall idea isn't as nuts as it seems at first glance. Her Ninth House is the house of wisdom, exploration and ethics. She's not going to let go of her grudge, either, even though she knows it doesn't make sense to hold it. If I had to bet, I would say that Kami and Karli will Yield Chip and Kim if they can, but I don't really see them being able to do. For the Twins, it'll be a reactive third leg; they'll be concerned with somehow getting even with Chip and Kim, more than the Race itself. Because of that, they'll be


First to the Mat:
Linda and Karen

Front of the Pack
Charla and Mirna
Colin and Christie

Middle of the Pack
Brandon and Nicole
Jim and Marsha
Bob and Joyce

Back of the Pack
Chip and Kim
Marshall and Lance

Kami and Karli

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