Alex’s Picks

Episode Two

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the second episode of TAR5.

Here are my picks for Episode 2 - going from first to last:

Bob/Joyce: Getting along will help you go far in this game.

Colin/Christie: Their competitive nature should bump them up to the top.

Brandon/Nicole: They seem to race on their own and don't worry about everyone else.

Marshall/Lance: Keeping it fun is a huge asset in this race.

Jim/Marsha: Jim is a warrior and Marsha kept her wits when things went sour - a good mix!

Kami/Karli: Kept their heads in the game even after making a costly mistake.

Charla/Mirna: I like Charla's spirit but Mirna needs to start pulling her weight. Oh by the way, people aren't suppose to help's a race!!

Chip/Kim: Costly mistakes will set them back but getting along will get them to the next round.

Alison/Donny: They don't just fight, they degrade each other, which eventually will knock them out. However, they will live to see one more episode!

Linda/Karen: I like this teams spirit but they don't seem to have what it takes to make it on. Second team Eliminated.

Dennis/Erika: One of my favorite teams starting out...sorry to see them go but at least they went out with class! 1st Team eliminated.