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Sing Along with TAR

While recapping the second season of TAR, the fabulous Miss Alli decided that the theme music was lacking that little something extra - thus her fabulous lyrics.

Miss Alli had a lot to do with the first episode, what with introducing the teams and all, so she didn't get into full lyric swing until episode two.

This set of lyrics would be particularly suited to being printed out so that you can sing along with the start of Season 4. Or, if you can't wait until then, download a .mp3 file of the theme music.

Episode Two:
"It's! The! Race! Amazing Race! So! Try! To come in first! Not! Last! Your taxi must! Be! Fast! You! Will! Ride! On camels and! On! Planes! Don't waste your dough! Wear your...sunscreen...don't be...too mean...and the...teams! Will! Come! And they must try! To! Win! Phil's handsome! [BOMP.]"

Episode 3:
"Skate! Surf! Glide! Or take a ta-xi ride! There is a place! To! Go! You fell behind? Oh! No!...Take! Your! Time! The bunching is! Su-blime! You'll catch up then! Don't take...too long...that would...be wrong...so wrong...Time! Has! Come! To shout out where! Phil's! From! New Zealand! [BOMP.]"

Episode 4:
"Wil! Has! Fleas! He has a Hair! Dis-ease! He smells like rot-ten meat! He has big hai-ry feet! He! Can't! Dance! He wears an-noy-ing pants! He has a hump! He yells...too much...don't look...don't touch...and he's...way! Too! Tense! He has no fa-shion sense! The Weasel! [BOMP.]"

Episode 5:
"Tell! The! Truth! You've come to see! Blake's! Tooth! You just cannot! Say! No! To its en-chant-ing glow! It! Has! You! And has your chil-dren too! It will not stop! Till you...admit...that you...love it...so don't...hes-i-tate! Before it is! Too! Late! Surrender! [BOMP.]"

Episode 6:
"Don't! You! Think! That by now they! All! Stink!? They have not washed! Their! Hair! They're out of un-der-wear! No! Clean! Socks! Not since the e-qui-nox! Don't take a breath! When they...are near...you must...steer clear...and please...don't! Be! Thrown! Just hope they wear! Co-logne! They're filthy! [BOMP.]"

Episode 7:
"Would! You! Take! A bath in Cra-ter Lake? Are you afraid! Of! Heights! Or want your name! In! Lights? Would! You! Run! Under a broil-ing sun!? Are you a bad...dresser?...a fox?...built like...an ox?...Then you...just! Might! Fit! Now that we think! Of! It! Amazing! [BOMP.]"

Episode 8:
"Blake! And! Paige! Their teeth are all! The! Rage! And Wil and Ta-ra fight! Here every Wed-nesday night! Ga-ry's jokes! Can fall and crush! Old! Folks! But Dave's all right!...Alex...and Chris...which one...is this?...Dan-ny...doesn't smell! Oswald is clean! As! Well! Cha-Cha-Cha! [BOMP.]"

(Episode 9 was the second half of a two-hour presentation. Sadly, there was no repeat of the theme song and, thus, no lyrics.)

Episode 10:
"Near! The! End! Nobody is! Your! Friend! They'll stab you in! The! Back! They'll pull a sneak! At-tack! What! They'll! Do! Is step right o-ver you! It's get-ting mean!…Out there…no doubt…be-ware…look out…oh, and…trust! No! One! Until the Race! Is! Done! Be-tray-al! [BOMP.]"

Episode 11:
"Here's! A! Plane! Big words about! The! Game! That's Blake and Paige! (Just! Friends!) Norm, Hope, and Cha-Cha's Benz! Ta-ra, Wil! Hang glider, Deidre, Hil! One map, no necks! The Revs...Peg, Claire...Team Thunk...Peach hair! Xe-rox...Boats! Sun! Street! The beach in blinding heat! Big logo! [BOMP.]"

Episodes 12 and 13 (see note for episode 9):
"Note! To! Self! For sake of men-tal health! Don't start some tor-tured thing! Like writing words! To! Sing! You! Will! Find! It can't be left! Be-hind! You'll have to still...do it...and then...do it...again!...and so...no! More! Tricks! Next time the pro-mise sticks! No gimmicks! [BOMP.]"

A big thank you to Miss Alli for letting us reprint her lyrics!