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Day 1 (Saturday, January 18, 2003): Leg 1 begins in the morning at Dodger Stadium, LA. Cars provided to LAX, where teams travel on one of 3 afternoon flights for Milan.

Day 2 (1/19): Afternoon arrivals in Milan; taxi or train to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele via taxi, where teams search for tickets to 3 early-morning charter buses. Some teams get hotel rooms or sleep in a park.

Day 3 (1/20): Teams take buses to Cortina D’Ampezzo, where a clue directs them to Cinque Torri, site of Search/Rescue Detour. (Monica/Sheree do Snowshoes FF.) Pit Stop at Hotel Lajadira, Cortina D’Ampezzo (Debra/Steve eliminated).

Day 4 (1/21): Leg 2 departures begin around midnight, walking or cabbing to the Trampolino Olimpico for snow rafting, thence to Ponte Della Guglia bridge in Venice via train. Waterway/Pathway Detour to Campo Querini, then to the Palazzo de Mosto, after which they wait (Steve/Dave do the Commedia dell’Arte FF near Rialto Bridge) to do the masked-ball Roadblock at 5pm, then run to the Pit Stop on the boat Città de Padova, docked near the Palazzo Ducale (Amanda/Chris eliminated).

Day 5 (1/22): Leg 3 begins in the dark, now docked near the Piazza San Marco. Teams make their way to the train station to travel to Vienna, arriving there by various trains in the evening, where they must wait till 8 am to complete instructions (hotels for the night).

Day 6 (1/23): The Historic Sewers open at 8am; teams traverse a marked route, emerging onto Heumarkt for their next clue. They claim fiacres which they direct to Schönbrunn Palace, from which they travel to the Figarohaus or Beethovenhaus for the Mozart/Beethoven Detour (except Steve/Josh, who do the waltz/champagne FF). After the Donauturm (bungee Roadblock), all teams proceed by train to Gmunden for the Pit Stop -- Seeschloss Orth (Russell/Cindy eliminated).

Day 7 (1/24): Extended Pit Stop.

Day 8 (1/25): Leg 4 starts with teams taking train or taxi to Salzburg or Munich airport to fly to Paris, thence train to Le Mans for the tire-changing Roadblock. Cars then provided to drive to Porte 4 in Marseilles. Waiting through the night there (or hotel).

Day 9 (1/26): Gate opens at 9 am. Clue at the lighthouse Phare Ste-Marie inside directs teams to drive to Gorges du Blavet. There they perform the Ropes/Slopes Detour (Tian/Jaree FF at Musée des Tapisseries in Aix-en-Provence) and drive to the Pit Stop at Château des Alpilles in St-Rémy-de-Provence (Steve/Josh eliminated).

Day 10 (1/27): Leg 5 begins in the dark with teams leaving for Marseilles airport. There they book flights (via Paris) to Amsterdam, then train or taxi to the Magere Brug, from which they navigate the canals to the Scheepvart Museum. After the cheese/manure Detour (Chuck/Millie do the Molen Van Sloten Windmill FF), the Smoker statue in Monnickendam for the eel Roadblock. Arrivals at Castle Muiderslot Pit Stop in late afternoon (Steve/Dave eliminated).

Day 11 (1/28): Extended Pit Stop.

Day 12 (1/29): Leg 6 has teams traveling by taxi and/or train to Schiphol Airport for flights to Mumbai, India, direct flight leaving late morning (Reichen/Chip instead connect via Milan). Late-night arrivals at Mumbai airport, taxis to Film City where teams sleep outside the gate.

Day 13 (1/30): Gate opens at 9:30am; teams ride bicycles to Studio 10, where they hunt for a clue directing them to take a city train to the Suds/Duds Detour, after which they have a garment with printed directions to Indo Engineering at Sassoon Docks. There teams sorting and carrying palai fish for the Roadblock, after which they take taxis to the Gateway of India Pit Stop (Monica/Sheree eliminated).

Day 14 (1/31): Leg 7 begins just after midnight, directing teams to take the train from Panvel Station to Ernakulam Junction (they get there either immediately by taxi or in the morning by train). It leaves at 11:20am and takes over 24 hours.

Day 15 (2/1): Upon arrival, teams must be driven along Highway 47 to locate a special billboard with a route marker. There they are directed to a sports field in Alleppey for the pulled-by-bulls Roadblock. They are directed to Beach Road for the chicken/elephant Detour, after which they take taxis to the Pit Stop at The Finishing Point (Tian/Jaree eliminated).

Day 16 (2/2): Extended Pit Stop.

Day 17 (2/3): Leg 8 begins shortly after 4am with teams directed to fly to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. They depart from Cochin Airport, connecting variously via Mumbai, Madras, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

Day 18 (2/4): Upon midday arrival in Kota Kinabalu, teams taxi to Monopiad Cultural Village, where they receive a blessing and a clue directing them to the Boat Jetty Dock. There each team takes a piloted boat to a fishing trawler with Detour clues on its sides. They perform the Net/Trap Detour and are then directed to Manukan Island, where they perform the three-targets Roadblock. Then they run down the beach to the Pit Stop (non-elimination).

Day 19 (2/5): Leg 9 begins around 2am, boats provided back to the Boat Jetty Dock, and taxis from there to Poring Hot Springs, which admits them at 6:30am. They walk the hanging pathways to get the directive to drive themselves to the Trushidup Palm Oil Plantation (Chip/Reichen FF at the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary), where they perform the Chop/Haul Detour. They drive themselves to Gomantong Caves for the climb-a-ladder Roadblock, then to the Pit Stop at the Sepilok Nature Resort (Chuck/Millie eliminated).

Day 20 (2/6): Extended Pit Stop. Leg 10 departures begin that night, by taxi to Puu Jih Shih Temple in Sandakan, where a key to an information pouch for each team is hidden. They are to get to Seoul, and minivans for Kota Kinabalu Airport leave every half hour.

Day 21 (2/7): All fly out of Kota Kinabalu to Singapore, and from there to Seoul.

Day 22 (2/8): Early-morning arrivals in Seoul, traveling by taxi. The clue at Seoul Tower in Namsam Park directs them to the Sundam Valley, where they claim places in line to swim under ice for the Roadblock. Their drivers then take them back to Seoul where they must find a route marker at Subway Station 228. They perform the Strong Hands / Strong Stomach Detour, and take taxis to the Pit Stop at Gyeongbokgung Palace (non-elimination).

Day 23 (2/9): Leg 11 begins predawn with instructions to get (via taxi) to Hangang People’s Park and retrieve a clue from a kite line there. They fly from Inchon Airport to Brisbane, Australia.

Day 24 (2/10): Upon landing, they take taxi or train to check in with the concierge at Holiday Inn and are taken to the penthouse, where the face first / foot first Detour has them rappel down the side of the hotel (except for David/Jeff, who do the surf-rescue FF at Caloundra Beach). They then drive themselves to Underwater World in Mooloolaba for the walk-with-sharks Roadblock. They then walk (or not) to the Pit Stop at Mooloolaba Yacht Club (Jon/Al eliminated).

Day 25 (2/11): Extended Pit Stop. Leg 12 begins before midnight, driving to Ferny Hills.

Day 26 (2/12): At 6 am, searching through wool, then to Brisbane Aiport for flights to Cairns where they drive to Wild World Tropical Zoo for crocodile photography. The clue on the photo directs them to drive to Wangetti Beach for the Saddle/Paddle Detour; then to Off Road Rush, Julatten, for the Roadblock. They drive to the Pit Stop at Ellis Beach (non-elimination).

Day 27 (2/13): Leg 13 begins shortly after midnight, teams driving to Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. When it opens at 6am, they witness a fire ceremony and are given directions to Cairnes Airport General Aviation, where all skydive for the Detour. They must then fly to the big island of Hawaii, and teams find connections through Tokyo or Sydney (where David/Jeff miss connections, falling a day behind).

Day 28 (2/13 again): Chip/Reichen and Jon/Kelly arrive, and drive themselves to Kaulana Bay, where they perform the swim/chisel Roadblock. They are directed to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where they get the direction to fly to Phoenix. Both teams find different connections to Honolulu, where they share the same flight out.

Day 29 (Friday, 2/14): Teams arrive in Phoenix and get cabs to the USS Arizona Memorial, then to the southeast entrance of Sun Devil Stadium, where they solve a puzzle for the final clue. They are driven to the west parking lot of Papago Park, where they ride bicycles along a marked trail to the finish line. David & Jeff place 3rd (still in Hawaii); Jon & Kelly 2nd; Chip & Reichen win.