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Lieben & Edie
Lieben & Edie
Barking in from the Atlanta area, we have two beautiful schnauzers eager to share their opinions of TAR. So enough with the cats already - we welcome back Sonia, who kindly interviews Lieben and Edie for us.

Sonia: Hello, darlings. I've heard so much about you, and I'm glad we finally have this chance to chat about The Amazing Race. Now, tell me a little about yourselves. I see that you are both very beautiful purebred miniature schnauzers.

Lieben: First, I apologize for the delay. I had surgery early last month, and it took all this time for me to heal up completely. I really did not feel like talking, or playing, or even singing to anybody for a few weeks. My formal name is in German "Kinderlieb Von Fischer Zweite." I'm named for my grandmother schnauzer, but please call me "Lieben." I'm five and a half years old.

Edie: My name is Edie. I'm nine months old, so I'm still a puppy schnauzer. My formal name is "Edelweiss Von Fischer Zweite." Lieben is my adoptive mommy, and I'm glad she can play with me all the time again. It was very hard not to play with her all the time, as we always do. I wore my daddy out!

Lieben: She's a paw-ful, that one is. Has to play every hour! But I was the same way when I was her age.

Sonia: Oh, Lieben, I'm so glad you're feeling better - I know your daddy and his friends were all very worried about you. But on to The Amazing Race. How long have you been watching TAR?
This is the first year I have watched the Race, I wish I could run along with all of them.
Edie: This is the first year I have watched the Race, I wish I could run along with all of them. It looks like a lot of fun!

Lieben: I've watched every show since it started in Central Park. I would never miss it. In fact, I felt like hell warmed over when I came home from the vet last month, and my daddy human made sure I was home in time to watch that night.

Sonia: Who are your favorite TAR racers from the past, and why do you like those racers best?

Lieben: We're schnauzers, so it's in our nature to love them all! But I like the fact that when one Racer in the first season slept on the ground, a puppy came up to him and licked his face! So I know he's a puppy person. And I guess a few of them have dogs or cats living with them, and that's fine with me, too! I'd play with them and their cats as well as their puppies! And I'm jealous of Guido; he got to be on TV that very first episode!

Edie: As long as they dance with me, they're all my favorites!

Sonia: What do you think of TAR4, and who are your favorite TAR4 racers?

Edie: This is my first season, My daddy person promises to let me watch all of the other seasons soon after this one is over.

Lieben: It really reminds me a lot of the first season. The Race course has been wonderful, although I wish they had gone to Africa or South America again. I love the fact they went back to Austria, since that's part of the schnauzers' homeland. Wooooooooooooo! Wooooooooooooo! Too bad they have not spent a lot of time in Bavaria, I was so hoping to see some of the native schnauzers!

As for my favorite racers, since schnauzers come from Germany originally, I absolutely love those German guys, even if they have cats named Hans and Fritz. And I like that team with the whiskers on their faces. They look a little like us!

Edie: It's hard for me to say who I like best. Some of the teams weren't around very long, so I really didn't get a chance to get to know them. I want to meet and play with them!!

Sonia: Are there any racers you don't like?

Lieben: There's no such thing. We schnauzers love them all!

Edie: I don't like people who are mean to other people. It makes me want to hide somewhere.

Sonia: Let's talk about the episodes. What did you find most interesting, and what did you like and dislike?
. I also loved the fact that they've been to Germany and Austria, where all the schnauzers come from.
Lieben: From earlier seasons, I just loved the rat temple. After all, I could have chased all the rats away. Ratting is in my blood. I also loved the fact that they've been to Germany and Austria, where all the schnauzers come from. I think the hills here are one reason why I sing so well. Wooooo! Wooooo! WOOO! Woo! Wooo!

Edie: Oh, mom! I hate that song. I'd rather dance! I would have liked to have been with the dancers in Austria. That's my kind of task. A lot of dancing!

Lieben: As for this season, I thought the mask thing was really interesting. I bet I would not have needed to pull noses to match a picture, though. I could have done without the water stuff. I don't like getting wet.

Edie: I would have loved to race the bulls. I don't mind running in puddles! I also liked all the time they spent in the snow, and on the beaches and sand.

Lieben: I love snow. We just don't see much of it here. The orangutans were wonderful. I would have like to gotten to know them; they seem to like play a lot.

Edie: I loved the cars. I know mom tells me to stay away from the middle of the road when we're walking, but those cars were moving really fast. I liked that a lot. I also liked the dune buggies to other night.

Lieben: I did not care for that big water creature the other night. What is it called? Those jaws bother me.

Edie: I was scared about that; I'm glad none of the teams got bitten!

Lieben: I never understood why, if no one is around and they're going to have to wait anyhow, the teams are seen running through airports and parking lots. I'm surprised they don't jump over the counters!

Edie: I would have!

Lieben: You and I both know we'd be running right along with them!

Sonia: Most of the teams are gone now, but what did you think of them?

Lieben: Some of them seemed really nice. But some of the teams looked like they no longer had the spunk to race anymore and needed to sleep. And speaking of sleep, Edie, it's time to go to sleep. The last leg is coming soon!

Edie: Can we play? I love it when we play!

Lieben: For a little while. But we say to say "auf weidersehn!"

Lieben and Edie: arf! arf! Arf! arf! ARF! ARF!