Random Foolery

Heather & Eve = HELPLESS?

Not wanting to be put down any longer for reading 'inaccuracies', The Amazing Race's Heather and Eve, also affectionately known as Heave, today have released a reading comprehension program entitled "Heather and Eve's Literacy Program for Legally Educated Sorority Sisters" or HELPLESS.

"We feel we're doing this as a public service," the dynamic duo stated as they sat beneath their framed Harvard Law Degrees. "We grew up on Hooked on Phonics," said Heather. "It really is amazing how far you can get if you can pronounce the words without really understanding them."

"Yeah, Heather finally convinced me that wearing low cut shirts and bending over constantly to get guys to do things for you won't last forever," chirped Eve.

"The Bend and Snap works," admitted Heather, "but we want to be known for our brains. We cannot stress enough that we see this as a public service. I give a lot of credit to Eve, she's all about HELPLESS."

The program, which includes workbooks with pictures and a very large dictionary, is priced at $129.99. Heave denied rumors that they were doing this solely due to difficulty making their Student Loan payments. There have been unconfirmed reports, however, of the two pandering in airports.