Fashion Reports

Fashion Report - Final Episode and TARCon

First order of business – Reichen’s Most Favoritest Lucky Yellow Shorts.
Daria: Although I’m still recovering from the TARCon4 and post-TAR letdown, I have finally gotten it together to write this report. First order of business – Reichen’s Most Favoritest Lucky Yellow Shorts. I saw Reichen at TARCon, so I introduced myself and got right to the point: they were Lucky yellow shorts, weren’t they? We had a good laugh, then he asked me why I made such an issue of them. Skipping the part about the shorts being so very, very yellow, I said “You kept wearing them. Every warm-weather leg!” And, in his reply, Reichen finally solved the mystery of the Lucky yellow shorts. “Well, I dumped a bunch of clothes,” he said. So there you have it. I didn’t ask if he dumped clothes because his pack was too heavy or because he was disgusted with the stench or what. But he dumped a bunch of clothes. And kept those damned yellow shorts. Although they were lucky. Maybe they were imbued with magical powers or something. Maybe that’s what the Malaysian priestess was up to! What do you think, Swimmerboy?

Swimmerboy: I think I’m pretty upset with myself that I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Reichen at TARCon! I couldn’t even get close to him! But good to have the mystery of the yellow shorts solved.

Daria: Do we have any comments on the Amazing Keeping-Television-Safe-for-Children Blur that attached itself to Jon’s privates like a benevolent parasite? Other than “nice sideview”?

Swimmerboy: No comment from me…well except to say that I’m sure there are some people out there who would have preferred the blur cover up a little more…I, however, didn’t have a problem with it :)
Zach’s hair is considerably tamer, though some of it appears to have migrated down to his chin.
Daria: So much for the racers in the race. Let’s dish about racers at TARCon. Those were some high heels Flo was wearing under those long pants. Either that, or she won $500,000 and grew 4 inches. I spent some time talking to TAR3’s Kenny. He’s mentioned his mixed success at dieting, but I thought he looked great – I’m convinced he’s spent time at the gym, even if he continues to be seduced by the occasional donut. Zach’s hair is considerably tamer, though some of it appears to have migrated down to his chin. ["And that's just so wrong." -- miri] He’s making progress with his look, and I expect by time there’s been another TARCon or two (and there must be), he’ll have it together. He’s still sweet, so it really doesn’t matter.

Swimmerboy: Okay, I have to say here that with all the excitement, I hardly paid any attention to what any of the racers were wearing. So let me look through my pictures for a min… Margarita had on a gorgeous multi-colored dress that flattered her extremely well and Chip looked absolutely adorable dressed in all black and his chest hair peeking out of his half-unbuttoned shirt, making him look very stylish and very desirable at the same time…………sorry what was I talking about? Oh yeah. John Vito and Jill are the most gorgeous couple in the world, and they further exemplified this in their garb at TARCon—JV looking hot as ever in a striped button down and Jill looking stunning in her---oh who am I kidding? These two would look fantastic in clown suits (no offense to the clowns!)

Daria: Speaking of facial hair, Jeff Who’s is gone. Yay! He’s totally gorgeous, and those blue eyes made me melt. Cindy was one of the prettiest women there; she is also quite blonde (better living through chemistry, no doubt), and taller than I expected. As a matter of fact, just like all the TAR3 racers were shorter than I anticipated, the TAR4 racers were all taller than I thought they’d be. All of them! Except Millie, whose hair looked great and who wore an incredibly sexy little black dress – backless and short. My SO thought she and Cindy were particularly hot. TAR2’s Tara is still the hippie chick she’s always been, but she looked a lot healthier and more vibrant than she did while enduring the stresses of the race.
I just have to interject here that Oswald gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Swimmerboy: I just have to interject here that Oswald gave me a kiss on the cheek. Apparently everyone else got one, too, but I just had to let that be known. ["Well, I didn't get one!" -- miri] And I thought he looked especially yummy in his tan suit, though he was much more dressed up than I expected him to be. I wish I had stuck around to see him take his shirt off. Oh Ozzie…you’re so damned cute.

Daria: And then there are the fans. I could make this part quite long, but I won’t. Everyone looked fabulous, because we were all having a great time, and a smile enhances any face.

Swimmerboy: That it does. I wish I could have met more TWoPpers, but those I did meet I was extremely pleased to do so. Here’s wishing for TAR5 so that I can meet more of you guys at the next Con!