Catch up with Zach

(Photo courtesy of Zach)
(Photo courtesy of Zach)
What have you been up to since the race?
I've been traveling a fair amount: for business and pleasure. I went to Russia to work on a new television show and took a vacation to Costa Rica with my girlfriend.

What drew you to enter The Amazing Race?
Flo asked if I'd apply with her and I figured it was at least worth a shot. I never thought we'd have a chance of getting past the first audition. In general I like the adventure of it and the shot at 1 million dollars is reason enough to apply.

With a bit of time/space, what do you miss most about experience?
I miss the way life was mapped out for a month during the race. My life consisted purely of little clues and road blocks and detours. Even with all the running around and stress of the race – it was a game that felt like real life and that was a good feeling.

What were the worst and best moments of the race (minus winning)?
Best moment – starting line. Such an exciting and unique feeling. Worst moment – the teacup boats in Vietnam.
We took a helicopter ride in the final leg, from one side of Kauai to the other and that was awesome, though I guess not that exciting for TV.
What was your favorite race moment that didn't make it to TV?
We took a helicopter ride in the final leg, from one side of Kauai to the other and that was awesome, though I guess not that exciting for TV.

What was the best thing you packed for the show? The worst?
Best – headlamp. Worst – heavy socks.

How difficult was it to watch the race with your family and friends? How did they react to the way you were treated?
It was fine watching with my family and friends. Every Wednesday night we would all get together at my house to watch. They all wondered how I could deal with Flo, and I told them that it was a race and that I had to just maintain focus and move on. Plus, Flo got a raw deal on that show as they only showed her in her lowest moments. I couldn't have been happier with my portrayal on the show.

In past seasons, we were led to believe that teams could not only not fly business class, but they also couldn't buy business class tickets. We were also under the impression that once tickets were purchased, they could not be changed. Then, comes the last episode of season three where you and Flo buy business class tickets, Teri and Ian insist on "fully refundable and changeable" tickets and Ken and Gerard were allowed to change their flights. Could you please clarify the rules? Was an exception to the rules made since you had to have the tickets to get into the airport and, thus, were buying them much further in advance from when you usually were? Or did we just misunderstand the rules?
Here is the deal. You can buy whatever kind of tickets you want – first class, business class, economy, refundable, non-refundable, it makes no difference. You may only FLY with economy tickets though. If you are given business class seats or upgraded for free, you can fly that way too. You can also buy as many tickets as you want, within reason. Eventually, we were told, our credit cards would max out. You can change your tickets as many times as you want before boarding a flight.
Ever plan on going back to Switzerland and doing that bungy jump?
I'd love to bungy. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll have the guts to do it outside of a race environment in which I am forced into it. But Switzerland would be a nice place for it.

Are there any other race destinations you'd like to return to and further explore?
Scotland, Vietnam and Switzerland.

Did you know the pitstop on the steamship in Switzerland was going to be a non-elimination one before Phil said it was?
Not at all. I thought we were goners for sure. *
Flo did constantly surprise me though and was always ready to go when we really had to move.
Given Flo's breakdown in that leg, did you think you guys were going to be able to make it through the rest of the race?
Not really. At that point I thought she might actually quit and had no idea how we were going to move forward. Flo did constantly surprise me though and was always ready to go when we really had to move.

Do you have any interest in competing in an All Star TAR?
I would love to compete in an ALL STAR TAR. That would be awesome. Perhaps Reality Central wants to hook that up… whattya say guys?

How much traveling had you done before the race? We've heard tell of time spent in Chile and Prague.
I traveled a bunch in Eastern Europe and South America, that's about it.

What's up with the headbands?
Well – I don't think there’s really too much interest in the bands. If you want a ZACHBAND e-mail me at

Did you enjoy TARcon?
Loved every minute!

* This answer interested me, so I bothered Zach for a follow up:

In the past, teams seemed to know about the non-eliminations based on the last clue of the leg. It would have the "last team to be eliminated" statement left off. Did they change this in season three? Did they leave that off more often or something?

He replied:
After the 6th leg of the race, which was the final guaranteed elimination leg, all clues said "the last team to arrive MAY be eliminated." This is how they made it ambiguous. I'm pretty sure this is how it worked. I would actually have to look at the tape and listen to what people said in that leg - "may" or "will" be eliminated. I'm actually not 100% sure.