Q&A with Kevin

The Friendly and Affable Kevin
The Friendly and Affable Kevin
What have you been up to since race? Are you still with the same jobs?
Drew is still a Court Officer in Brooklyn Supreme Court (going on 7 years) and I'm still with the Litigation Consulting practice in the NYC office of Deloitte & Touche (4 years). We took leaves of absence for TAR and returned to work upon our arrival home. We've taken off quite a bit of time since our elimination to do a multitude of really cool stuff (see for pictures); however, without the million, we're still working stiffs.

Do you have any interest in All Star TAR?
We'd leave tomorrow for another TAR! TAR has had the most unbelievable impact on our lives. We've always been just two regular schlubs and now we're two regular schlubs whose names get yelled out whenever we're out together (along with an occasional "My friend!" or "Swing, you fat bastard!"). That kind of positive response is overwhelming. The only autographs we ever signed were on checks for all the bills we have to pay, and now we get people from Asia, Australia, Europe requesting autographed pictures! Michael J. Fox took us to lunch, for God's sake - it's been nuts!! To be able to experience TAR again and all the wonderful things that have come as a result of our participation would be a no-brainer, regardless of whom we competed against.

What attracted you to the show?
As we were on the first season, we hadn't had the luxury of seeing other teams go before us. I spotted an article in the local newspaper about a global reality show that CBS had purchased. The described the show as being a race around the world, pitting 11 two-man teams with an existing relationship against one another for a million bucks. The idea of winning a million dollars was intriguing, to say the least. The idea of going around the world was another lure. And, the fact that we could do the race together, and not solo like on Survivor, was the key. The first Survivor had just finished and Drew and I were huge fans. We often wondered what it would be like to be in a game such as that, but hated the idea of the other guy not being there to help cause trouble. Hence, TAR became our holy grail.
While we have chatted about going back to several places - most specifically Thailand, Victoria Falls and Italy (to find the lovely Sara from Cento!) - we haven't had the time to make such plans.
Have you been back to any locales? Any plans to head back to anywhere?
While we have chatted about going back to several places - most specifically Thailand, Victoria Falls and Italy (to find the lovely Sara from Cento!) - we haven't had the time to make such plans.

What were the worst and best moments of the race (minus elimination)?
There are so many things we can't remember about the 30 or so days we were out on the Race; however, the one thing we remember quite clearly is that we were always laughing. That was the best part of the Race for us. I'm not sure there was a worst part; however, India was a tough place to be, and the masses of people and poverty took its toll on many of us. The one thing we regret is spending as much time as we did (upwards of 90 minutes) searching for that private car at the temple in Bangkok.

With a bit of time/space, what do you miss most about experience?
The last day, when you've flown back to the finish line and it's really all over, you realize that there is no more Race. There is no more waking up and seeing your new friends, who are now like family. There is no more camaraderie with the crew and producers - it's truly over. That is when the emotions take over and you feel like part of you is missing, and it really is. You keep up with the other racers, you visit with them, but the chances of all of us being together again at one time after that day are almost nil. Then you realize what a special thing you were a part of and you really miss it.

What teams/people are you still in contact with?
We're pretty much in contact with all the racers, it's just a matter of how frequent the contact is. I still talk to Brennan just about every day (sometimes through our posts in the forums!). I hang out with Lenny in the city pretty regularly. I've been down to visit with Brenda and her family. We try to email/talk with Nancy and the Groarks once every couple weeks (but they'll be the first to tell you we suck at it!). We both email with Paul and Amie quite a bit (BTW - if you missed Amie's layout in Stun Magazine, shame on you!). And we always make sure to keep tabs on what Emily is up to. Drew and his lovely fiancée Rose go out with Frank and Margarita often. He also speaks with Bertram on a regular basis. We don't get to chat with the others as much as we'd like to; however, both Kim and Leslie were kind enough to invite us to their weddings, Karyn invited us to the grand opening of her legal practice, and Joe and Bill were the first ones to call us on that terrible morning of September 11th. We've also gotten to know a lot of the other racers and Survivors from each of the seasons. We hang with Chris and Alex every time they're up our way, and Survivors Mitchell (Outback) and Ethan (Africa) are great friends.
You see, the camera adds 10 pounds and we had 3 cameras on us at all times!
What don't most people know about you that you wish they did?
That we're actually about 30 pounds lighter than we appeared on TV. You see, the camera adds 10 pounds and we had 3 cameras on us at all times! Even Les Moonves shook his head in disbelief when Drew asked him if we were as fat in person as he thought we were from TV!!

Is Drew ever going to get married?
If he doesn't, I'm going to marry Rose! She's been quite a good sport in waiting for us to settle our ongoing hopes for a TV show. Once that's settled, they'll set a date - you're all invited!

Are you still doing appearances? Are you working with or supporting any charities?
We've done a slew of really neat appearances, the highlight of which has been our college lecture at MIT. We've also gotten to do some really cool stuff in the way of charity benefits. Last year, we did John Franco's Bowling for Babies to benefit the March of Dimes and Scott & Todd's Celebrity Golf Tournament to benefit the TJ Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, just to name a couple. Most recently, we've done some great benefits for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. It's a great cause and the people there are awesome!

Any hints or insight on TAR4?
It'll be on in the summer :)

Before TAR, had you traveled extensively?
Neither Drew nor I had a passport until the week before we went for the final auditions. If you didn't have one then, you couldn't be selected, so Drew and his father actually went to the US Mail depot on Staten Island and helped the postal workers find his passport. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Any advice to future Racers?
Have fun, trust your gut instinct, don't make fun of our bald heads and lurk TWoP!