Fashion Reports

Fashion Report — Episodes 1 & 2

Phil said it - our show is back, complete with Less Faces and More Places. And the fashion report, of course, is here to comment on said faces. And bad hair. And wacky outfits.

Fashion Report — Episodes 6 & 7

The Fashion Report moves on to episodes 6 and 7, as the Racers toured Costa Rica and Arizona with the usual mix of lovely views and ridiculous moments and the fashion highlights to match.

Fashion Report — Episode 3

While the apparel so far this season has been nearly as dull as an all-night bus ride from Charleston to Huntsville, episode 3 did provide a few Waffle House freak-outs of fashion to liven things up.

Fashion Report — Episodes 1 & 2

We'll be trying a different take on the report this season, because as "they" say (although who exactly are they?) a picture is worth a thousand words and we have a great collection of screencaps in our gallery.

Fashion Report — Episode 5

Fashion moves at its own pace. On TARflies, it's a fairly slow pace. Better late than never, right?

Fashion Report — Episode 4

Oh, fash readers (if there are any of you left), I apologize for abandoning you in your hour of need.

Fashion Report — Episode 3

Episode 3 posed the timeless fashion question: What does one wear to a dinner of four pounds of barbequed cow-organs?

Fashion Report — Episode 2

And we’re back with Episode Two, which was thankfully more entertaining than a certain movie with the same title.

Fashion Report — Episode 1

Bandanas, twinning, ponchos, Romber, $20,000, and a Canadian fashion diva—welcome to The Amazing Race 7!

Fashion Report — Episodes 10 & 11

The Racers were running out of clothes, but have we run out of things to smack-talk? Of course not. Eps 10 and 11 took our male Racers to new lows, while the women had a chance to strip and also to triplet.

Fashion Report — Episodes 8 & 9

Guess what guys? This week you’re getting two reports for the price of one! Isn’t that exciting?!

Fashion Report — Episode 7

When designing this leg, the producers must have done a time warp into the future and peered into our fashion reporters' dreams. I mean, Speedos?

Fashion Report — Episode 6

In episode six, the racers, defying all logic, gave us twice the fashion flubbage in only half the leg.

Fashion Report — Episode 5

As leg five was run in under 24 hours, some Racers wore the same clothes from start to finish. Unfortunately (for them), there is still plenty to discuss in the fashion report.

Fashion Report — Episode 4

From shorts and short-shorts to skank tops (TM miri) to the season’s first topless Racer, episode four served up some serious skin.

Fashion Report — Episode Three

Parkas and bicycle helmets worn over other headgear give our fashion reporters plenty to work with this week.

Fashion Report — Episode Two

As the result of an unfortunate turkey incident, Giuseppe will not be joining in with the fashion commentary this week. I promise not to let the power go to my head . . .

Fashion Report — Episode One

Are you blue? You might be seeing a lot of blue on your screen, but it’s the Amazing Race, so feeling blue is definitely out of the question.

Fashion Report - Episode Nine

This week, Kanuck fills in for Swimmerboy as our reporters lament the lack of mockable headgear and debate dressing appropriately for the local culture.

Fashion Report - Episode Seven

Our fashion reporters ask this season's version of an age-old question: "Just how did Mirna fit all that stuff in her backpack?"

Fashion Report - Episode Six

Tattoos, new shoes and bare-chested views – as the race wears on our contestants, a bad fashion choice (allegedly) helps knock a team out of the race.

Fashion Report - Episode Five

Much to look at, much to love, much to be jealous about and at least one goofy hat – there's always a goofy hat.

Fashion Report - Episode Four

We move to a cold climate this week. Are the items in the racers' packs up to the challenge?

Fashion Report - Episode Three

Say what you want about their racing skills, some of this season's racers look maaaarvelous - well for stinky people who are racing around the world.

Fashion Report - Episode Two

I think this is our first Pretty Person Award tie. And what's all this talk about the The Tarflies School for Remedial Racing?

Fashion Report - Episode One

Another season starts and blesses us with much to gab about fashion-wise.

Fashion Report - Final Episode and TARCon

Daria gets the scoop on the yellow shorts, Swimmerboy gets kissed and the Amazing Blur isn't quite as amazing as it thinks it is.

Fashion Report - Episode Eleven

The fashion report goes to eleven. It's getting tougher to find things to rag on since there are fewer teams, but Daria and Hildy do their best to discover the secret of the yellow shorts. So many Ugly Ass Awards, so little time...

Fashion Report - Episode Ten

Nutbunches? Tattoos? Chest shaving? Amazing Shrunken Head Phil? What in the heck is going on here? Oh yes, we were talking about underwear...

Fashion Report - Episode Nine

It's Millie vs AssJon on the Ugly Ass award. And can the Pretty People award stand up with only two of the three legs? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Fashion Report - Episode Eight

Swimmerboy returns to the TARflies fashion fold. (I'm still on vacation, so that's it for a blurb).

Fashion Report - Episode Seven

Well, that was a real mudslinging episode, in more ways than one. Verbal, bovine, we had it all. A very physical and rigorous leg, and I have to say that the teams’ fashion choices for the most part stood the test.

Fashion Report - Episode Six

Swimmerboy returns for this week's fashion report as he and Daria enjoy splashing around in the shallow end of the pool.

Fashion Report - Episode Five

Daria and Hildy check in with this week's fashion report - and boy, are they seeing red. The burn pile continues to grow. And the season's first Ugly Ass Award!

Fashion Report - Episode Four

As we move into week four, Hildy and Daria start to have hair issues. The outcast clothing bonfire is growing by leaps and bounds. boobs? Do we really want to go there?

Fashion Report: Episode Three

Sensible hair, crampons, glamour lacking sunglasses and the season's first "Pretty People" award. See what Hildy and Daria are up to with this week's fashion report.

Fashion Report - Episode Two

Welcome our new fashion reporter Hildy. She seems to have many hat issues, something I'm sure we can all relate to.

Fashion Report - Episode One

Even though the racers spent a good deal of this episode bundled up, Swimmerboy and Daria still find plenty to talk about fashion-wise. Were there any hats that made them twitch? Any hair-do don'ts? Read on!

The Pre-Race Report

Because there's nothing more fun than snarking about fashion, the TARflies will be bringing you weekly fashion reports during the TAR4 season. So, sit down, put your fashionably clad feet up, and read the pre-race report.