Random Foolery

Mirnish 101

Our esteemed guest linguist, Frenchteacher offers us this basic lesson in Mirnish - the international language of panicked travelers.

Cindy’s Italian-English Phrase Book

Everyone seems to agree that Cindy needs some help in dealing with her difficult partner. Therefore, with the help of Babelfish, we TARflies have compiled a list of useful phrases.

Special Investigative Report:
Lip Gloss and its effects on Phil

Does it help? Is he so easily swayed? The rumors have been swirling around TAR since the very first season. When the Guidos—that natty but evil pair—ended up in the top three, people wondered, "What was their secret?"

Flo Has Change Of Heart; Hands Over Winnings To Zach

In a startling development never before seen in reality tv, co-winner of The Amazing Race 3 Flo Pesenti has decided to fork over her share of the million dollar prize to partner Zach Behr.

Miss Alli: Recapper of the Year

By unanimous decision, the TARflies have declared Miss Alli TWoP Recapper of the Year. We look the other way as Miss Alli goes all girly while trying to give her thank you speech.

Heather & Eve = HELPLESS?

Not wanting to be put down any longer for reading 'inaccuracies', The Amazing Race's Heather and Eve have released a reading comprehension program entitled "Heather and Eve's Literacy Program for Legally Educated Sorority Sisters" or HELPLESS.

CBS Put on Notice!

TARflies say: "The Amazing Race, is, in fact, the only reality TV show that matters." So cut out all the rest of the crap you have on the air and give us our TAR or we'll sic Guido on you!