Caption a Photo

Host This!

Two reality TV hosts, side by side. One's looking smug, one upset. What's going on? Who's saying what? Caption this photo.

Pucker Up!

Is it an invitation or a dare? And does it have to be fast? Caption Phil!

Is it love?

Jonathan & Miss Alli show their feelings for one another at TARcon. How can you not want to caption this?

People's Choice

So, if it's called the "People's Choice" award, why is Phil presenting and not receiving? Caption this!

Good Morning, Sunshine

We've all had those days - when we wake up on the wrong side of the racer. So go ahead, caption this photo.

Disgruntled Chef

Kami? Karli? Who knows. This photo still needs caption.

Harness Horrors

When I found this screen grab on Amanda and Chris' site, I just knew it had to be a "Caption a Photo" entry. Why don't you give it go?

This is Bowling?

Just a little photo from Reality4Diabetes that involves heavy balls, a between the legs shot and... flip-flops. If you are up to it, try adding a caption.

Take the Plunge

Trying to out do the last photo caption...and wouldn't you know? We got some volunteers to help us out.

It's mjmarble Time!

Oh my, do you really want to try this activity? Think hard before venturing forth.