Quizzes & Games

TARQuiz Episode 4

Here's a quiz about placing, splitting up, and catching up on The Amazing Race.

TARQuiz Episode 3

Time for your driving test at least you don't have to stand in line at the DMV.

Botswana & South Africa: The Quiz

M. Darcy, our own Daily Double Diva, tests your knowledge of South Africa and Botswana. Good luck!

TARQuiz Episode 2

In honour of the Shop Detour, this week's quiz looks at the world of shopping on TAR.

TARQuiz Episode 1

Yes, considering my modest success at the world of quizzing in recent times, I thought my own contribution to the site for TAR7 would be a weekly quiz.

In Honor of Phil

As we get ready for another season of our "host with the most," here's a chance to test your knowledge of Phil's homeland: New Zealand.

Hay Diddle, Diddle

Jealous that racers get to do all the fun things? Like digging around in hay to look for a clue? Well, now it's your turn.

Places of Wind & Ice

Two, two, two location quizzes in one! Test your knowledge of Chicago and Iceland with this quiz.

The Dark Side of TAR1

Racers get testy, oh yes they get testy. They say things they'd rather forget. Well, M. Darcy hopes you remember for this trivia test she's called "The Dark Side of TAR Season 1."

The Ins and Outs of India

India has proven problematic for racers, are you ready for the India trivia test?

Egypt Quiz

You might know how to walk like an Egyptian, but what do you know about Egypt itself? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.

Uruguay/Argentina Quiz

How much do you know about Uruguay and Argentina? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.

Looking Back

How much attention were you paying to TAR4? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.

Venice Trivia

Test your knowledge of Venice with this quiz.

We'll Always Have Paris

You don't have to have lived in Paris for a couple of years to take on this trivia test.

Hula This!

TAR seems to love Hawaii - or perhaps it's just the dictates of around the world traveling ending in the US. Either way, try our Hawaii Trivia Test.

The Big Apple

Before heading out the door to TARcon, try your hand at this NY trivia test.

Aussie Quiz

Is everything you know about Australia based on Crocodile Dundee? Well, time to expand your knowledge.

All About Amsterdam

Think you know about Amsterdam? Try this quiz.

Who Said Dat?

Tribefan put together this collection of quotes from TAR1 - how good are you at figuring out who said what?

TAR World Trivia

Think you've got what it takes to survive the first round of the TAR World Trivia quiz?

Name that Relationship

Think you know your TAR relationships? Give this game a try.

Name that Flag

Not satisfied with the torture our last silly game inflicted upon you, we have a new one.

Name that Noggin

Play the game that's sweeping the nation. (Okay, maybe not the nation, but it's sweeping something...and it's not my dining room floor.)